Live Review~Bayside Review 11/7/19 Interrobang Tour Sold Out Show @ Bottom Lounge Chicago IL.

Bayside Review 11/7/19 Interrobang Tour Sold Out Show @ Bottom Lounge Chicago IL.

The light’s went black and the smoke machine added a haunting feel to the stage before the band came on. After about a minute the band runs on and starts to play “Interrobang”. The sold out crowd went absolutely wild as the band played. Everyone was singing so loud that I couldn’t even hear the band play. It was super awesome and the whole band had huge smiles on their faces. The Lighting was super fun and towards the end “Interrobang” the lighting turned and seem very christmas like with red and green lights. Towards the end before the encore Bayside played “Numb” and for the encore they played “Just Enough to Love You” and “Devotion and Desire”, Which the crowd loved! 

The crowd was definitely a 18 and up show with a lot of older and younger faces all singing along to one of their favorite emo/hardcore bands from Bayside, Queens neighborhood of New York City, formed in 2000. Just recently Bayside dropped an album before heading on a tour called “Interrobang”! Bayside was definitely a very fun energetic emo/hardcore band and have a super killer fan base! I highly recommend checking them out on Spotify/Apple Music/Google Play!

Review and Photos by Alexandra Heshel

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