Interview with Actually Huizenga ~ PATRIARCHY SHARES “SWEET PIECE OF MEAT”



Patriarchy is a stunning and equally surprising collaboration between the “Predator Romantic” herself Actually (aka Actually Huizenga) – LA-Based multidisciplinary artist – and Andrew Means (3Teeth multi-instrumentalist), revealing a new focus toward the darker, heavier side of synth-punk/new-wave & industrial music.

Ignite had the please us getting some questions answered by ACTUALLY HUIZENGA herself:

Tell us a little bit about the band and how long you have been together for some of our readers that may not know about the band?

I have been making music as PATRIARCHY with Andrew Means since 2017, immediately after completing my film The Art Of Eating.   In these 2 years we made a pet project into a ravenous beast, I have almost died twice (during the “Grind Your Bones” video shoot and my last show), experienced fellow artists dying for real, I lost all of my belongings/art archives in the Malibu fire… just to name a few landmarks within this labyrinth of time! Sometimes one must be patient…

What got you into music and what keeps you going night after night playing?

I have been making music since I was 10 or so. Andrew is a bit more of a technical genius than me so he was probably making music as an embryo in the astral plane before me- and he is always on tour with 3teeth. In my case (as Actually of Patriarchy), I have not had the honor (or luck) to yet experience my goal of actually playing night after night on tour. I am trying to get my live band a booking agent as I type this to you. So, if there is anyone out there who is a booking agent reading this- Patriarchy is ready for her Uncut-Uncensored 2020 World Tour! LOL But for real…. I’m totally ready…foaming at the mouth to be honest.

So, what is new with the band?..New Album out? New Videos?

We just premiered a new music video for the Single “He Took It Out,” which I shot in Europe this summer. I direct and edit all of my videos.Our first album “Asking For It” Drops November 8th- This Friday!!!!!!

you didn’t become a musician, what would you  be doing right now?

If I was forced (through some sort of unsexy torture) to stop making music, I would focus on film making and directing. If I was forced away from art in general, I would have to take my own life.

If you can have your fans remember you for one thing, what would that be?

Hopefully some sort of personal moment within themselves while listening to the music. If I can make a song that some goth teenager can cry alone to on their bed, or have a song inspire someone to take a breath away from the confines of a forced society, I would be happy. Also, I really want people to have passionate, bestial sex to the music. (If there are any “fans” out there reading this- I would be honored for you to film yourself and your partner(s) having sex to my music. Be creative with the art direction if you can.)

What do you feel is the best song your have release to date and why?

Oh nooooo….agh. I really like the new songs “Asking For It” and “Burn The Witch.”

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

 I was almost killed by my guitarist when the amp didn’t work at my last show. And I was so angry that I broke my casket and chewed up my black prosthetic penis… and the plastic was stuck between my front teeth and a piece of my broken tooth-chip fell out. So, yes.

Tell me about your favorite performance venues

Best venue I ever played at was The Creepy Teepee Festival in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic. I got to perform on a huge stage with a giant, excited audience and the venue was walking distance to the bone church (Sedlec Ossuary). Also the groupies were exceptionally beautiful.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Make your own footsteps. That kind of talk Grosses me out like that cheesy Jesus Footprints in the Sand Poem (you were so out of it that you didn’t even know someone was carrying you? We need to focus on OUR SELVES). If anyone is walking near me… you better be by my side, not behind me.

Their fresh work explores themes of sex, power, subversion & death, with what appears to be an intense interest in Ancient Greek Mythology & 80’s slasher films, a heavy dose of Mulholland Drive, and a sound that is equal parts ABBA and NIN.
01. Asking For It
02. Burn the Witch
03. Hell Was Full
04. It Goes Fast
05. Maximus
06. He Took It Out
07. Sweet Piece of Meat
08. Grind Your Bones
09. I Don’t Want to Die
10. Laid Down

LISTEN & SHARE: Patriarchy – “Sweet Piece Of Meat”
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PRE-ORDER: Patriarchy – Asking For It

WATCH & SHARE: Patriarchy – “I Don’t Want To Die”

WATCH & SHARE: Patriarchy – “Hell Was Full”

LISTEN & SHARE: Patriarchy – “Hell Was Full”
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WATCH & SHARE:Patriarchy – “It Goes Fast

LISTEN & SHARE: Patriarchy – “It Goes Fast”
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WATCH & SHARE: Patriarchy – “Grind Your Bones”

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