Alvin Lee ES-335 ‘69 Festival – Released Worldwide; Blues-Rock Legend’s Guitar From Breakout Performance Released For 50th Anniversary Of Woodstock

Gibson ‘Alvin Lee ES-335 ‘69 Festival’Available Worldwide On November 5th
Blues-Rock Legend’s Signature “Big Red” Guitar From Breakout Festival Performance Released In Celebration Of

50th Anniversary Of Woodstock

Gibson, the iconic American instrument brand, has announced the worldwide release of the new, limited-edition Alvin Lee ES-335 ’69 Festival’. The leading guitar brand has created the exact ES-335 guitar in Aged Sixties Cherry. The striking guitar, which Lee called “Big Red” launched his performance to legendary status while showcasing his lightning-fast guitar playing at the original Woodstock festival in 1969. In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock this year and Lee’s breakout festival performance, the historically accurate guitar is officially available now at Authorized Gibson Dealers worldwide. For more information, visit

When Ten Years After took their heavy, manic blues-rock to the stage at Woodstock in 1969, the band unleashed a performance that came to define not just the legendary festival, but the spirit and sound of a movement. Following their set, which ended in a blistering, masterful rendition of “I’m Going Home,” Ten Years After catapulted to worldwide stardom and Alvin Lee rose to join Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Keith Richards as one of the most influential guitar gods of the time. In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock, Gibson is proud to present this Alvin Lee ES-335 ‘69 Festival’ guitar, built to the exact specifications of the guitar Lee used during his jaw-dropping, festival performance. The Gibson Alvin Lee ES-335 ’69 Festival’ guitar includes all of the stickers, aging, special modifications and mojo of the original. Only 50 of these limited-edition Alvin Lee ES-335 ’69 Festival’ guitars will be sold worldwide.

Watch and share the following video of the new Alvin Lee ES-335 ’69 Festival’ guitar featuring Leo Lyons (Ten Years After, co-founder and bassist), Loraine Burgon (Alvin Lee’s partner 1963-1973) and Barrie Cadogan (Little Barrie, Primal Scream, The The), Here.

Born in Nottingham, England, Alvin Lee began playing guitar at age 13 and formed the core of what would become the band Ten Years After by age 15. Originally influenced by his parent’s prolific collection of jazz and blues records, it was the advent of Rock ’n’ Roll that truly ignited Lee’s interest and creativity with guitarists like Chuck Berry and Scotty Moore providing his inspiration. With Lee as guitarist, singer and songwriter, Ten Years After (TYA) first toured America in 1968 at the invitation of the legendary Fillmore promoter Bill Graham. American audiences were immediately captivated by the group’s innovative mix of blues, swing, jazz and rock alongside Lee’s distinctive, soulful and rapid-fire guitar playingAlvin Lee’sgroundbreaking, virtuoso guitar performance at Woodstock festival in 1969–captured live on film in the documentary of the festival–remains a gold standard of influence today for many guitarists and continues to introduce Lee to new music fans all over the world. Listen to Alvin Lee

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