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1st Megadeath Megacruise of 2019 Delivers Heavy Splashes On Its First West Coast Loop Cruise!

1st Megadeath Megacruise of 2019 Delivers Heavy Splashes On Its First West Coast Loop Cruise!

The west coast cruise announced during 2018 for October 13-18, 2019 to feature Megadeath as the headliner on the Norwegian Cruise Line ship The Jewel which does not have the watersides, Zip Lining, and other activities the larger ships have but has a casino.  It was hosted by Sirius XM 106 and That Metal Show host Eddie Trunk and comedian Don Jamieson. With ages from really to the older aboard the cruise which was a loop cruise from Los Angeles and stopped at San Diego and Encinitas, Mexico. Though slight changes were made to the group’s singer Dave Mustaine going treatment for throat cancer. The bands performed two times either on the pool stage and/or in the various theaters. This year’s lineup were: Anthrax, Queensryche, Armored Saint, DragonForce, Testament, Doro, Phil Campbell & the Bastard Sons, Beasto Blanco, Lamb of God, Overkill, Corrosion of Conformity, Metalachi, Toothgrinder, Suicidal Tendencies, Death Angel, Metal Angel, John 5 and the Creatures, MecaniX, Metal Church, and Tara Lynch.

During the cruise there were photo experiences and Q&A’s with the bands and members included: Megadeath Dave Ellfeson, Armord Saint, John 5, Anthrax, Queensryche, and Tara Lynch. Eddie Trunk broadcasted his show. There was casino night hosted by Don Jamieson with members of Beasto Blanco. Breakfast club Dave Elflefson of Megadeath and Charlie Benante of Anthrax which to promote their coffee business and talk to the guests. Some other events included Kiko Lourerio of Megadeath performing guitar arraignments to a backing track in the morning on the pool stage. Don Jamieson comedy show, late night Karoke, Painting, All Star Kiss Jam, VIP holders only events, comedy of Scott Ian of Anthrax and comedian and actor Brian Poshen together. 

The bands performed at their top level. Large crowds for Queensryche and  on the pool deck at night time and daytime. Doro performed on the pool deck at night and in the Stadust Theater during the day as other bands did for day and night shows.  For Queensryche for their second show during their daytime performance the sound went out three times yet they continued to play while it was being fixed. Performing on the pool stage on the second night was John 5 and the Creatures when the ship was at port at San Diego. During the band performance at around 9 PM the ship was told by port authorities to stop the show due the San Diego’s noise ordinance so it moved it inside.

While on the pool deck some of the people went into on the pools not being covered for the stage and the Jacuzzi’s and just laying out.

One the bands’ being talked about often is Beasto Blanco. Who has a following building in Europe are gaining fans in the US. This is the second cruise for the band whose stage show on horror is on fun without the blood and guts.

Beasto Blanco

Though Megadeath did not perform the other bands did not disappoint their fans during their performances.

If there is another Megadeath Megacruise with Megadeath performing, it could be a tsunami.

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