Kamelot returns to The Grove of Anaheim for the 2nd part of their The Shadow Theory with Finish bands Sonata Arctica and Battle Beast

American/European power metal band Kamelot  performed at Anaheim’s the Grove on October 5, 2019 for their current release The Shadow Theory  concluding 2nd leg of the tour.  Founding member Thomas Youngblood (guitars, backing vocals),Oliver Palotai (Keyboards),Sean Tibbetts (bass), Tommy Karevik  (lead vocals) and new member Alex Landenburg (drums).

Giving a high energy show of 15 songs opening with “Veil of Elysium” with Lauren Hart of Once Human), and guest singer on the bands current album. A staple of the group is having female singers on the bands albums and shows.  Depending on the bands who tour with Kamelot and if they have a female singer then she will join the band to sing at least two songs.  Lauren Hart was with the band last year and though she is known for growling for her band Once Human she has a good sound when she is singing as she also sang on “Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)”, “March of Mephisto” and “Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy) with Noora Louhima of Battle Beast who sang on Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife).

Some other songs included:  “Rule the World”, Insomnia”“Karma”, “When The Lights Are Down”, Burns to Embrace and “Forever”.  During the show Oliver Palotai on keyboards and Alex Landenburg on drums together performed jazz music composition with a drum solo which was a nice mix in the set to have the energy of the crowd to last for end of the show.

Opening the show for this year’s tour are two Finnish metal bands.  Sonata Arctica supporting their 10th album Talviyö  which means  A winters night. And on USA  Top Albums #12,  Current Hard Music Albums at #14. The band is:  Singer Tony Kakko, Elias Vilianen (Guitar), Henrik  Kilngenberg (Keybaords), Tommy Portimo  (Drums), and  Pasi Kauppinen  (Bass).

When the band performs across North America they are headliners and support. This year they performed 8 songs. Opening with the new songs from the new album “ A Little Less Understanding” , “Cold”, and “Storm the Armada” from The Ninth Hour album is  “Closer To The Animal” and “Life”. Other songs are and fans favorite to sing the chorus is “Fullmoon” “Storm the Armada”, and “X Marks the Spot”. Hope the band returns to North America to perform more songs from Talviyö .

The first band to perform and returning to the west coast is Finnish heavy metal band Battle Beast. Members areSinger Noora Louhimo , Pyry Vikki (Drums), Janne Björkroth (Keyboards), Joona Björkroth (Guitars),  Eero Sipilä (Bass),  and Juuso Soinio (Guitars).  

This year the band released their new album No More Hollywood Endings. They are gaining more of a following in the US since last year on Bringer of Pain tour.

Noora controls the stage and audience with her presence of power. They performed 7 songs  opening with “Unbroken” and “The Golden Horde” from the new album  also with their current single “Eden”, the title track of the new album and first single and video which was the crowd enjoyed.   The crowd was pumped when they performed the last two songs “King For A Day” and “ Beyond The Burning Skies”.  

This band is on its way to headline more shows across North America in next couple of years.

Overall these bands have a steady following for their quality of music despite the ignorance US commercial rock radio not playing their music. While being popular across Europe and other countries.

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