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The Game of Thrones Experience at Daily’s Place Amphitheater

Fans of The Game of Thrones series arrived at Daily’s Place Amphitheater, many in period costume as their favorite character, to see and here Ramin Djawadi’s musical scores against scenes from the series shown on a massive screen behind a full orchestra and chorus.

The performance opened with a dragon face on screen while the orchestra played the theme song Game of Thrones, and was quickly followed by the banners of each house. The empty Iron Throne sat center stage. As key scenes from the first season appear on the screen, we are again introduced to our favorite characters from the series, with the fans applauding their favorites loudly. Music from the series swells throughout the amphitheater accompanied by pyrotechnics, smoke and vocals. Violinist Molly Rogers changes costume and appears in all red during The Red Woman backed by vocals from Maya Holly.

For two and a half hours, well loved and remembered scenes from the series are brought back to life with the replay on the screen, but are felt through the amazing music performed masterfully accompanied by the heat of pyrotechnics, the fog/mist/smoke rolling across the stage and the “snow” falling to cover the stage, the orchestra, the chorus and the fans. The fans react emotionally to scenes such as the birth of the dragons, the reincarnation of Jon Snow, the knighting of Brienne, the Death of the Night King, and the death of Daenerys followed by the torching of the Iron Throne by Drogon. But they also react strongly to the music such as the beauty of the cello played by Cameron Stone during the Light of the Seven, the soaring vocals by the chorus and Maya Holly during The Winds of Winter, and Jenny of Oldstone, the sorrow of the cello and violin during Home, and the singing of the violin during Spoils of War, all controlled by master conductor, Michael Sobie. The music of Game of Thrones was an integral, major driving force during the television series, but hearing it performed live by a troupe of outstanding musicians in its entirety is a completely different, new experience.

The evening ended as it began with the theme song from Game of Thrones. It was a totally immersive, emotional experience for all the fans and they made their pleasure known through thunderous applause. Now I need to go binge watch the entire Game of Thrones series again.

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