SLEEPING IN TRAFFIC Release Mathematical Second Single (√-π)÷0=1 (The Equation) Off Upcoming Dual EP

Edmonton’s SLEEPING IN TRAFFIC Release Mathematical Second Single "(√-π)÷0=1 (The Equation)"

Double EP Release For ‘That Which Saves Us’ and ‘That Which Destroys Us’ Out Sept 27th

L-R: Ryan Berehulke – Bass, Cory Bosse – Vocals/Synth, Greg Turner – Guitar, Andrew Bateman – Drums
Photo Credit: Graham Gnarles

Based out of Edmonton, Canada, Sleeping In Traffic is a progressive metal band whose artistic vision is built around the concept of change. Nothing in the band’s music is intended to remain static. Each album and performance brings new adaptations and innovations; always playing with the sonic possibilities.

Later this month, Edmonton’s SLEEPING IN TRAFFIC will release their dual EPs “That Which Saves Us” and “That Which Destroys Us”; the duality of these two complementary yet dramatically different EPs are shown through two singles, the second being  (√-π)÷0=1 (The Equation)’ off of “That Which Destroys Us”.

As the darker side of the double EPs, SLEEPING IN TRAFFIC keeps it heavy with their distinctive weirdness, as they put it: 

“This EP displays more of the band’s extreme metal influences, without abandoning some of the weirdness the band is known for. The album continues to explore odd time signatures and polyrhythms in the context of heavily distorted guitars, snarling synths, and guttural vocals.”

The single itself is a complicated arrangement that is as bizarre as the track title for anyone with an understanding of mathematics. This is intentional says they band, and they continue:

“It is an attempt at a comparison of what it feels like to be forced to stand on equal footing next to people who lack any sense of logic or rationality, and to have to argue with them in the public discourse as if their worldview is somehow just as valid. The music features shifting time signatures, riffs that play in reverse, and a massive, crushing, synth-reinforced breakdown at its core.”

With influences such as Between the Buried and Me, Devin Townsend, and Opeth, SLEEPING IN TRAFFIC make no accommodations when it comes to crushing music. Listeners can hear for themselves ‘(√-π)÷0=1 (The Equation)’ via its exclusive premiere on HERE.

The EPs will be available on September 27, 2019 and available for pre-order on Bandcamp.

SLEEPING IN TRAFFIC‘s first single ‘Exoplanets’ can be streamed here.

Track Listing:
1. Through Method And Rigor (4:43)
2. Fungal Symbiosis (feat. Elle T.) (3:50)
3. Exoplanets (feat. Elle T.) (6:09)
4. False Alternatives (5:13)
5. The Scrupulous Study Of Everything (5:41)
EP Length: 25:38

Track Listing:
1. (√-π)÷0=1 (3:58)
2. Audaciousness Of Him (7:10)
3. Narcicystic Pustule (1:26)
4. Masculine Toxin (4:38)
5. Gaia Shrugged (feat. Elle T.) (6:07)
6. The Inevitable Heat Death Of The Universe (5:32)
EP Length: 28:53

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