New Music From Fearless Records: Capstan, “Restless Heart, Keep Running”

Restless Heart, Keep Running
Fearless Records
Release: 20 September 2019

If you never stop searching, you will never stop creating.

By combing the most extreme corners of heavy music and emo, Capstan sharpen, strain, and strengthen a slick signature style of progressive post-hardcore. The Florida quintet—Anthony DeMario [vocals], Harrison Bormann [guitar], Andrew “Bozz” Bozymowski [bass, vocals], Joseph Mabry [guitar], and Scott Fisher [drums]—vault from moments of masterful melody into claustrophobic cacophony seamlessly on their 2019 full-length debut, Restless Heart, Keep Running [Fearless Records].

A shared sense of exploration continually drives them.

“Capstan is the constant search for something unique,” explains Bozz. “It’s all about progression. Among the five of us, we’re on the same page regarding the overall vision for the future. We really push to balance extremes: soft and sad, pretty and meaningful, harsh and explosive. It’s in-your-face.”

On the heels of 2015 independent releases Parting Gifts and Seasonal Depression, Capstan committedly pursued this path. Honing the sound, they unleashed a steady stream of music, spanning 2016’s Cultural Divide through In The Wake of Our Discord during 2018. Along the way, “Can’t.Lie.Around.Remembering.Everything,” “Reprieve,” and “Wax Poetic” each surpassed 1 million Spotify streams as the band regularly attracted over 100K monthly listeners on the platform. Simultaneously, the guys threw down on stage alongside Belmont, As It Is, and Silverstein in addition to lighting up a spot on Warped Tour. Signed to Fearless Records, the five-piece churned out the one-off “Stars Before The Sun,” put up nearly half-a-million streams, and garnering praise from all levels of publications.

In early 2019, they set their sights on the next chapter. The musicians hit the studio with producer Andrew Wade [A Day To Remember, Wage War] and devoted six weeks to Restless Heart, Keep Running.

“It felt like everything came together after all these years,” Bozz goes on. “We want to grab listeners with our musicianship, but we don’t want to lose the heart and soul of emo. We live and die by really memorable choruses and want to blow listeners away with emotion. That’s the science of Capstan.”

Illuminating the power of “the science,” the song “Fix” busts through the gate with a double bass storm and torrent of six-string technicality before a sweeping and soaring refrain that’s impossible to shake.

“Lyrically, it’s actually just smoking weed, getting high, forgetting the troubles of day-to-day life, and escaping a little,” he explains. “Get your fix however you might do it.”

Meanwhile, “There Is No Answer” builds from lush clean guitar into a soft and subdued verse.

Representing “a perspective people wouldn’t expect,” the vocals culminate on a catchy and confessional hook. Resounding piano underscores “We’ll Always Have Paris,” which once again illuminates a powerful penchant for dynamics.

The sentimental closer “The Love That Remains” lends the record its title. Highlighted by breathy verses, acoustic strumming, and saxophone, the song encapsulates a core theme as it showcases the power of the group’s melodic side.

“We write about life, death, happiness, sadness, day-to-day life, and the human condition” he goes on. “One of the center points is perseverance though. It’s getting through any situation in front of you. No matter what, you will have ups and downs. You just have to keep enduring. You’re constantly working to move forward and progress. The line ‘Restless Heart, Keep Running’ summarizes the record.”

In the end, Capstan keep searching and flourishing as a result.

“It comes down to real chops and also real emotion,” he leaves off. “We’re stepping out of bounds and communicating something honest. We hope everyone feels it.”

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