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You will ‘Bow Down’ to I Prevail on “The Trauma Tour”!!

Detroit hard rockers I Prevail  hit the road this summer for a North American tour, is out on “The Trauma Tour” on support of their new album by the same name. Gold-certified Michigan quartet I Prevail not only redefine themselves on their sophomore offering, Trauma [Fearless Records], but they also redefine the genre for tomorrow’s generation. Flipping the script, the group—Brian Burkheiser [clean vocals], Eric Vanlerberghe [harsh vocals], Steve Menoian [lead guitar], and Dylan Bowman [rhythm guitar]—uplift rock to a plateau where soundscapes can unpredictably toss and turn between heavy metal, alternative, hip-hop, and electronic moods without warning, boundaries, or rules

From Justin Stone performing mid crowd surf to Issues igniting the room all in preparation for I Prevail. And I will tell you I Prevail not only brought emotion and excitement with their show they allowed the crowd to really connect to what they have been going through in their own lives to step up the connection.

When you can honestly say you have goosebumps during a performance and the only thing you want to do is figure out your schedule permits you seeing another show then the night was a success.

Hats off to the venue, the openers and finally to one of the best bands I have ever seen live -I shall “bow down” to the fellas from I Prevail-well done-thanks for an incredible experience. The energy and vibes of the concert were high as you can get and the band made it one for the books!

I Prevail has risen above expectation, and anything else life can possibly throw at them. With their own sound, style, and statement, these musicians represent the potential of rock music in 2019 and beyond.

Here is what we heard from some of the fans~

I Prevail was absolutely amazing live! Can’t wait to go see them again! Had only heard of Justin Stone through his stuff on I Prevail’s music but he put on a hell of a show too. Issues was new to me as well and they’re definitely a band I’m looking into now. Next time seeing I Prevail I hope they’re at a bigger venue bc it was hard to see them as well as I’d like, it’d be great if the Fillmore had screens.

By K. B

The whole show was just completely amazing! Openers interacted with the crowd and I Prevail just rocked the stage. Would totally recommend seeing them.

By Bri
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