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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the review of “Fitz and the Tantrums”:

Here’s what sometimes happens when you become 42, and you’re a mom of three. You tend to not be as hip and cool, and up to date with the latest music anymore. Sad but true. Sometimes you hear this great song, and have no clue who even sings it. You just know your kids like it and it’s pretty darn good. 

What would happen to me while shooting a concert one night in St. Augustine, Florida would be that I would fall in love with music from a band who had this  really great tune on the radio, and I had no idea who they were.

Let me state now that I am mortified I didn’t know much about this band before that night. Truth be told…….I hope anyone who reads this goes and gets their album because their show proved to me they should be a household name. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the review of “Fitz and the Tantrums”:

I will tell you all I knew is they were the opener for “Young the Giant”, and the crowd was more than ready for them to play. “Okay” I thought to myself….”These guys must be decent”.  Well the lead singer, Michael Fitzpatrick came out, and needless to say blew this town away. His voice could capture you in the first five seconds, and the way he engaged the crowd just made you connect even more. But the real surprise to me was the ever so beautiful, Noelle Scaggs. Her voice was so powerful and her stage presence even more electrifying. She had you wanting to live out your 13 year old self dream and be a rockstar!

Whether they were singing great songs like “Money Grabber”, “Fool’s Gold”, or “Get Right Back” it was a night of insanely good music brought on by those two and the other members of the band, John Wicks, and James King. 

 Then the moment would happen, the song “Handclap” would come on, and I would realize this is the band whose tune I had been loving for months. I sang along, danced, and clapped my hands and thought to myself “You still got it, Ma!”

So to the members of my new favorite band, take this as my apology that I didn’t know your name before, but I am certain every 40 something year old non cool mom and dad will soon know your names and songs by heart along with the entire rest of the world. You deserve endless amounts of accolades, and success,  and I can’t wait to watch it all happen for you.


Your newest lifelong fan. 

Cindy Marshall

About Bryan Joe Corder (4023 Articles)
Concert Photographer at heart, Love listening to music and going to shows to try to capture the magic on the stage with my imagery.I also review albums and live concerts.

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