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Interview~ Germany’s Symphonic Metal band Visionactica release their second album Enigma Fire Via Label Frontier Records!

Interview~ Germany’s Symphonic Metal band Visionactica release their second album Enigma Fire Via Label Frontier Records!

Manuel | Tim | Tamara | Gerhard

The band was formed in 2013. Led by their singing wolf Tamara Amedov, VISIONATICA entered the first league of Symphonic Metal in 2016. With her fantastic, crystal clear soprano vocals combined with the powerful grooves, melodic guitars and impressive orchestra elements of her companions, this musical pack raised a lot of dust in the scene with their debut “Force Of Luna” and celebrated first successes. The nine songs of the varied album, which has been released through Dr. Music Records, were recorded and produced by Timon Seidl in the Red Audio Studio.

Enigma Of Fire is the band’s debut release on the Italian label Frontiers Records.

With their first video single “She Wolf” VISIONATICA have achieved a real hit, which is still heard umpteen times on Spotify as well as YouTube. Altogether, the top 10 songs reach over a million plays! The fan base is not just limited to Europe, there are also numerous fans in North and South America, who celebrate Tamara’s outstanding voice as well as her remarkable band around guitarist Manuel Buhl, drummer Gerhard Spanner and bass player Tim Zahn

Tamara took time to answer some questions for the new album.

IMM: Congrats! on the second album. It has been 3 years since your debut album Force Of Luna”.  Were there various label offers and why chose Frontiers for Enigma Of Fire?

Tamara: Thank you very much! The name of the album is “Enigma Fire”. We got the offer from Frontiers Music through our management. We knew that Frontiers is an excellent and successful label, so we were very happy about this fantastic offer.

 IMM: When did you all meet and your influences and for those hearing the band for the first time explain the name of the band.

Tamara: I think we all met in 2015 for the first time. Our influences is the music of various kinds, my personal influences are the Balkans and oriental music, as my father also comes to Macedonia, I know this music and I love it! Manu suggested different band names for me at the time and when we heard the name Visionatica, everyone just thought: that’s it! It describes our musical visions and goals.

 IMM: For this album I hear more Middle Eastern influence sound. Was this international?

Tamara: Yes. As I said, since my father is from Macedonia and we used to visit my grandparents and the rest of the family every summer, I know this music. I wanted to include it into the new album this time. We also intend to continue this in the upcoming albums. This will be our own signature and our fans can prepare for something very special in the future.

 IMM: There are 9 songs on this album. Were any of the songs leftover from The Force Luna or all new and any that were not on the album that might be released as B sides or for another album?

Tamara: No, the album was a complete fresh and new start with no leftover ideas or tracks from the last album. We just got an acoustic version of “Fear” for our Japanese fans as a bonus track.

 IMM:  What are the songs “Roxana The Great”, “Dance Of Fire”, “To The Fallen Roma”, and “Incomplete” about?

Tamara: “Roxana The Great” is about the wife of the famous King of Macedonia Alexander the Great. I’m interested in the story and I love writing songs about strong women. In “Force Of Luna” I wrote about Lilith. I think I’ll write a song about a strong woman in every upcoming album.

The song “Dance Of Fire” is about war. The song is supposed to say that we are in the middle of it and have to constantly dance a dance of fire because it surrounds us. My message behind the song is that war is a really primitive and barbaric trait of us humans, and fighting fire with fire brings nothing, but destruction in which nobody wins, but rather everybody loses. You lose and destroy everything.

“To The Fallen Roma” is an anthem for the Roma. I dedicate this song to all Sinti- and Roma who died in Auschwitz. I myself am half Roma and I want to combat the hatred against these people with this song. Even today, most people have a completely warped view of those people filled with prejudices and hate. I want to destroy those prejudices and bring people together!

“Incomplete” is about ‘frozen’ dreams. I think everyone has a dream that has never been fulfilled, because you just did not get any further. This feeling came over me one day and it felt like an unfinished puzzle.

Michael Liewald –

IMM: Explain the album cover for this album and for Force Of Luna?

Tamara: The album “Enigma Fire“ is about war, but also about peace. It should mean something like: Fire can give life, but also destroy it. The laurel tree, in turn, means immortality. At the moment I am dealing with genealogy. But the genealogical research of my Macedonian side, turned out to be very difficult, because since the war in Yugoslavia a lot of official documents went missing or were destroyed. Therefore I find the imagery of the burning laurel tree as a perfect symbol of the past.

“Force Of Luna” on the other hand was more about myths and legends. On the cover is indeed a woman who goes into a ‘different world’, so to speak.

 IMM: Are plans to have the band travel to perform away from Germany starting 2020? It be nice if you can make it to North America and other countries.

Tamara:  Nothing is planned yet. But we hope very much that we have the chance someday. In any case, that’s one of our next goals.

 IMM: For shows for the new album, approximately how many songs from the new album and from Force Of Luna” to perform as a headliner and as an opening band?

Tamara: As headliner we would play as much as possible of our repertoire from both albums and as an opener a good mix of our greatest hits from both albums as well as a couple of our more catchy songs to motivate the crowd.

 IMM: Again congrats and for the future of your music opportunities and hope to see you when you come the United States.

Tamara: We thank you very much! I really hope that someday we will come to the USA. I always wanted to go there.

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