Interview~ SWEET OBLIVION featuring singer Geoff Tate talks about the new music project all recorded via internet and email.

Geoff took time with his busy schedule to talk briefly about the album that includes Simone Mularoni (Guitars and Bass,) Emanuele Casali (Keyboards) and Paolo Caridi (Drums).

IMM: When did you record the music with the bands mates for this album?

Geoff: It’s an interesting project. It was an idea told to me by a guy at our record company Frontiers  and put a meeting together with a Italian guitar player Simone Mularoni. He introduced us and to see what we can do musically that be interesting. We started trading back and forth ideas for several months and we made an album. What’s interesting to me is that we made the album in a virtual studio via the internet and we have to meet each other and talk to each other in person. It was an album made up and recorded over the internet.

IMM: Well, that answers those questions like where you recorded it at.

Geoff: I couldn’t tell you how many locations I recoded while on the road like hotel rooms on the bus traveling city to city, Different airports. Gosh you name it I was all over the world actually.

IMM: For the song “Sweet Oblivion” are the guitar riffs that are between “Eyes Of A Stranger” and “I Don’t Believe I Love”.  Was that on purpose for this song?

Geoff: It’s quite different when you put them side by side but there is something similar about them when they are played. I think it’s the rhythm structure of it.

IMM:  So it was intentional?

Geoff: Oh Probably. The music that Simone was writing was heavily influenced by Queensryche. So when he was material with me is influence of Quuensryche was defiantly showing and to me was familiar ground.

IMM: The video for “True Colors”.

Geoff: What’s interesting about that is that I’m being myself (Laughter).

IMM:  I am watching / listening to the video. And said to myself this has to be video you ever done by sitting on the bed and a chair.

Geoff: (Laughter) Yeah it was.

IMM: Describe the album cover that has one face with different side views with the image of the earth in the middle?

Geoff: It is based on the title Oblivion being endless.

IMM: You might asked often if regarding this particular group that you might do some shows with separate from Operation Mindcrime?

Geoff: I am not planning on it. I am kind of swamp for time now. During the summer I doing festival dates with Avantasia around Europe. Then I have some of my own dates during August around the UK then a wine release party at the end of October and is always fun. All these people descend to this little village in Germany to celebrate the vintage and the harvest. So we drink a lot and laugh a lot and tell stories then we cultivate the two day event with a big concert and it’s all free!  Which is a lot fun and you never know who will jump on stage and sing a song. A lot of famous musician friends of mine show up for the event as well.

IMM: Did you get to meet the musicians for this album?

Geoff: No, not yet and if it does it does. We created something unique and very cool and that’s enough. And thanks so much for the interview and kind comments on the record.

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