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Celtic Woman new show Ancient Land captures the essence of the group for their 2019 tour

With a new singer and new album of a world sound, Celtic Woman brings a brand new show and stories by songs the Irish are known for to the Long Beach Terrace Theater at Long Beach, California on May 4, 2019.  With singers Mairéad Carlin, Éabha McMahonn new singer Megan Walsh, and violinist and harpist Tara McNeill with three male dancers/singers with a five piece band performing songs from the new album including songs from their debut album and “A New Journey” are Enya’s “Ornico Flow” and “Newgrange” that Mairéad sings with emotion and power which gives it a fresh sound. 

This show starts with new songs “Ancient Land” and “Homeland” including images of Ireland and other symbols on a large screen throughout the show. Some other songs from the new album are: Moorlough Show” ,”Garden of Eden” and “Mná Na HÉireann [Women of Ireland]”.  Megan and Mairéad’smesh seamlessly when they sing “Over The Rainbow”. For this show for the first time Megan sang “Faith’s Song” replacing “Shenandoah”.  The trio sang the popular “Danny Boy” with Tara on harp which is always enjoyed by the fans and “Amazing Grace” with the bag piper which is the staple of their shows. Éabha performed a traditional Irish song “Sive” and playing the whistle. Tara performed “Love and Honour” and “Tara’s Tunes” where she performs with the male dancers controlling with her bow that the audience enjoys when there is the Irish dancing.  Other songs performed were “Ae Fond Kiss” sang by Mairéad For the “Enchanted Way” where the musicians, the ladies and dancers gather for a Irish session to clap and tap your feet like those at pubs at Ireland. Got a two minute standing ovation ending the show with the “Parting Glass”. 

There shows are always enjoyable and this one is the future for Celtic Woman shows to reference.

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