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Progressive metal pioneers Dream Theater Take over Jacksonville on ‘The Distance Over Time’ Tour!!

If you are not into Prog music you may not know that the best influential prog band of all time was here last night in Jacksonville Florida at the Time-Union Center downtown on the banks of the St.Johns River. The seen was set to melt the faces of a few thousand fans on a Saturday night and that is just want Dream Theater did and more!

It was all Dream Theater all night..and the fans came out early to see the king of prog. The band is out on tour supporting their much anticipated new album ‘The Distance Over Time’ ~ the 14th studio album has stormed the US charts in its first week. After landing at the #1 spot on the iTunes Top Album Chart the day it was released, the album has gone on to be an instant classic among fans and critics alike. The album landed at #5 on the Top Current Album Chart and debuted at #24 on the Billboard 200. It also found a home at #2 on the Hard Music Chart and #3 on the Rock Chart. The band also garnered over 10 million total streams for Distance Over Time through release week, a career high for the band in the streaming age.

If all of the greatness doesnt get your mouth watering i don’t know what will… This night in jacksonville was for the prog fans and the prog fans only! The band starts the show hard with a video intro and the band come out to set the place on fire with “Untethered Angel” which got the fans to their feet and fists in the air for the rest of the night. The band had two sets with a intermission just long enough for the fans to pick their jaws off the floor from the mind blowing music they just witnessed!

You can tell these fans were loving this…once they band hit the stage they didn’t sit back down, James LaBrie (Vocals), John Petrucci (Guitars), Jordan Rudess (Keyboards), John Myung (Bass), and Mike Mangini (Drums) — played their hearts out, James voice was on point and the whole band sounded kick ass! johns playing is just incredible! and jordans really know his stuff and cam out with a killer solo the got the fans screaming. John plays the bass like no other and Mike and his kit from hell is a crusher!

The second set was when the band really start to get going and brought out the big guns like “Regression“, ” Fatal Tragedy” as well as a huge crowd favorite “Home” and ended the night with epic fashion with “Pull Me Under“. If this show isn’t mind blowing enough for ya, you need to check your pulse. The guys are energetic and really know how to but on one hell of a show!!! Make sure you go to this mind altering and life changing show!

The somewhat small crowd greeted the band with cheers and fist in the air and they ended the night the same..but ten times fold!! Epic is all i can say!

Dream Theater Setlist Moran Theater, Jacksonville, FL, USA 2019, Distance over Time

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