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Review~Year of The Locus~ Self Titles EP ‘Year Of The Locus’ Out Now!!

Year of the Locust is a motley collection of personalities from the American Northeast. Hailing from NYC, Washington Dc, and West “By God” Virginia, the band’s sound has come into it’s own under the watchful eye of producer/guitarist Brain Bonds.

Their new self titled EP “Year Of The Locus‘ hit the streets and the airways on March 1, and they have been riding the wave ever since. And being out on tour with a legendary band like Tesla has made the wave even bigger!!

The new EP start out with a kiss ass rock song called ‘Stay Alive’, Featuring Troy Lucckette(TESLA) and Brian Bonds (FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE)

“‘Stay Alive’ is a redemption song; when you think it’s time to give up is just the best time to turn it up.” says Scot McGiveron (Vocals). “Troy is so creative and brought so much energy to the drum track, while Brian’s energy and guitar-play is just always so powerful.”

The song really showcase the talent these guys have, and it can only get better. And it just happens to do that with ‘Line Em Up‘, this song really has that anthem like feel that the crowds are going to really feed off of.

Whispers In The Dark” is the third track on this stellar Ep that just gets better as it goes on. This track is a little slower song that has some great vocals and guitars riffs that you can really get into and sing out loud.

Sorry‘, The last track, is a little different but in a good way. It has a killer beat that is infectious. The vocals are strong and the music is killer with some great solo guitars that blends well with this type of song.

The guys have put together a great little EP that is just the beginning for them. Keep an eye and ear out for Year Of The Locus!!!

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