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Review~ Polyphia Touched Many New fan At Mavericks Live in Jacksonville 4/5 On The “Look But Don’t Touch” Tour ~

Genre-defying instrumental heavyweights, Polyphia, are about to embark on a huge U.S. headlining tour in support of their 2018 breakout album New Levels New Devils. The tour will span throughout April into May and includes openers I The Mighty and Tides of Man.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Polyphia, you can check out their video for “G.O.A.T.”, currently sitting at 4.5 million views. Check them out below

Polyphia ~ G.O.A.T

Polyphia has been playing sold out shows across the US, Asia, and the UK. The start of the new year also brought the announcement of signature Ibanez guitars for both Tim Henson and Scott LePage, solidifying their places as modern guitar gods. 

The Jacksonville show @ Mavericks Live in downtown Jacksonville was packed to the hilt and fans were screaming and going crazy as the band hit the stage. The energy in the room as on fire as the band played through many of the hits new and old..Like “Champagne” and “G.O.A.T” to set the stage for an epic night of straight up mind altering music by a band that has now where else to go but up. Fan were rocking their faces off with hands in the air and fist pumps. You can tell the band we feeding of the energy of the crowd from start to finish. They riffed thru sings like “Icronic” and “Crush“, as well the set ender “Nightmare“, The night ended with the band playing a few more songs for the ecstatic fans. they can out for an ancore of heavy hitters “Fanale” and “Ephoria“.

The night ended with the crowd getting what they paid for, some kick ass music that they could clear the mind with to forget all their trouble from the past week on a Friday night, Thanks to Polyphia … I The Mighty and Tides Of Man that opened the show like the parting of the seas!

If you get a chance make sure you got see this show, you will not be disappointed in the music these three band play. And you will get some music therapy to boot!!

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