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Round Up Country Music Festival 2019 bonding the community at Humming Bird Ranch at Simi Valley, California

This year featured headliners The Eli Young Band with Runaway June, with Southern California locals Lacie May, Jake Parr, Shannon Rae and Justin Honsinger, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley making a difference in the community and in particular for the children of Simi Valley since 1965 and Homegrown Events with various sponsors including Borderline Bat was at the event and a raffle to win a guitar signed by all the artists. It is a community bonding stronger after the fires at Los Angeles and Ventura counties and the shooting at Borderline at Thousand Oaks during November 2018.  This year’s event was headline by The Eli Young Band, with Runaway June and local acts Lacie Mae, Shannon Rae, Jake Parr, and Justin Honsinger.

First on the stage at 11:30 AM were local Simi Valley resident Lacie Mae and her band that combined originals and covers. She and the band were on the mark and have much potential for future shows to focus on original songs. Next at 12:30PM were Jake Parr and his band of professionals also performed covers from Jason Aldean and Aerosmith with a few originals got the crowd energy level up and even brought a young boy on stage who asked before the show him if he could strum the guitar which made his day. Jake is someone to watch for in the future with the musicians he is working with.

At 1:30 PM was Southern California’s original Country Rock band: Shannon Rae and 100 Proof. Their sound is reference to: Shania Twain, Terry Clark, and Patty Loveless.  They gave an energized performance Shannon is singer to be reckoned with. At 2:30 PM was Justin Honsinger performing his country sound and local favorite who also has joined the National Guard.

At 3:45PM the female trio Runaway June and announced they are finishing their first full album.  Lead Singer Naomi Cooke grew up in Florida. Singer and mandolin picker Hannah Mulholland was raised in Malibu, California, singer/guitarist Jennifer Wayne – another California native and granddaughter of Hollywood legend John Wayne. They have a chemistry that connects with the audience. They perform songs from their EP such as “Buy My Own Drinks”, “Wild West”, Sara Evans “Suds In The Bucket” and Dwight Yokahm’s “Fast as You” with 2 new songs from the new album and the fans favorite and the trio’s first single “Lipstick” with crowd singing the song.  Namoi even went off stage along the barricade to take selfies. These ladies interact well the audience and even get their band a shout too. Though they will be on tour with Carrie Underwood this year with Maddie and Tae, the trio is ready to start headlining shows.

Finally at 5:15 headliners The Eli Young Band came on stage performing such their hits “Crazy Girl”, “Drunk Last Night”, and 2018’s singe “Love Ain’t” among other songs to end a successful event. Country at California known for the many westerns television shows filmed at North Los Angeles County and Ventura County during the 20th century has never gotten away from its roots.

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