*OUT NOW!* San Jose, CA’s KOOK New Album ‘II’ Exclusive Bandcamp Release March 26th on Glory Or Death Records!

Children of the 80s all have strong memories of the cold war and the constant looming threat of nuclear war – it left an indelible mark on our collective psyche. As the planet sits on the edge of political, environmental, and social disaster, we experience daily the emotions we felt as children, but with the unfortunate weight of real knowledge of the depth of the problem. Both KOOK albums Iand II are part of the same original concept… an exploration of literal and psychological apocalypse.

The last surviving members of the human race are leaving Earth after a cataclysmic event… as members of a religious cult in regular contact with aliens, our heroes knew what was coming and tried to warn the rest of the world. Ultimately, their warning was ignored, they were the only people to escape a dying planet. Are they a group of deranged cult members experiencing a psychotic break, or is this all really happening? Is there a difference? Inspired by classic science fiction (Philip K Dick chief among influences) and insane real-world events (like Heaven’s Gate cult), the goal is to explore how human beings cope with the painful reality of modern existence in a world constantly on the brink.

As much as the artwork and story are tethered, the music of both albums is woven together as well. The first song “Escape Velocity” starts with the final riff that closes out the ‘I’ record. KOOK already has the start of their third record written, which begins exactly where the final song on this record “Chased by Monsters” leaves off. This is a story that hasn’t ended yet. KOOK ‘II’ – Vinyl, CD, Cass., Digital on March 26th Exclusively at Bandcamp:

Track list:Side A
01. Escape Velocity
02. Chains
03. Left Behind

Side B
04. Human Container
05. Frequency 8
06. Chased by Monsters

(Releases on all other streaming outlets on April 30th)

KOOK‘II’ was tracked in February 2018 (with additional vocal recording in May 2018) at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, CA. Legendary engineer and producer Billy Anderson caught KOOK at their last Portland live show, and approached them to say he’d like to produce their second album. They, of course, jumped at the chance to work with a man who has produced some of the greatest heavy records of all time (Sleep, Neurosis, the Melvins, Mr. Bungle, and many more), and still works with vital bands to produce amazing music.

Primary tracks were laid down over five straight days, with Chris Hughes (the engineer for the ‘I’ record) assisting Billy. Very magical moments happened in that studio…strange alchemy and spirits which resulted in this record. Once Billy wrapped up production, it was handed off to his regular mastering collaborator Justin Weis at Trackworx in San Francisco.

The front cover was created by Indonesian artist Alfi Andy who has done work for Mothership, Dunable Guitars, Sargent Thunderhoof, Great Electric Quest, Child, and more. Looking for artists who could dig deep into an early sci-fi comic aesthetic to reinterpret Adam Burke’s cover for KOOK’s first record from a different angle, in a different style. The result shows the refugees from the exploding Earth inside the belly of the spaceship that just barely appears in the background of Burke’s painting. The lyrical and musical content of the album is about dealing with the range of emotions at a moment like this…shock, relief, fear, profound sadness, confusion, a deep sense of loss…and uncertainty… what comes next?https://wearekook.bandcamp.com/

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