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No Matter The Battle, Put On Your Warpaint, and Handle It With Buckcherry

No Matter The Battle, Put On Your Warpaint, and Handle It With Buckcherry

“WarPaint” Album Release March 8th, 2019

Interview with Stevie D.

By: Morgan Bates

We all know popular Buckcherry hits of “Crazy B*tch” and “Sorry” but like us, Buckcherry is more than their history. Out of a fresh, revitalized, and vivid vision for their future, their newly released studio album “Warpaint” is a musical representation of their personal experiences, reunion with good musicians and friends, and staying true to who they are musically and as people. I got the exciting opportunity to talk with lead guitarist Stevie D. on the day their album was shared with the world and I could not be happier for this band!

Buckcherry has been through a lot in the last few years both in their personal lives and musically. After the band splintered, Stevie tells me that he and Josh reunited with some good friends they’ve know since the early 90’s Kevin Roentgen and Francis Ruiz. Ready to hit the ground running, they went into the studio with 30 maybe 40 songs to kick start their vision. Not only were they prepared with a lot of great material but, they were working with good friend and former producer of their “15” album Mike Plotnikoff..

“It was a big love fest and even better reunion. We’ve known everyone for a long time. We’ve had some good times and we’ve had a lot of success with all of these people so it feels really good to be back in the saddle with a team that mattered to us.” Together this rock star dream team took the 40 songs and through process of elimination and a lot of hard work, they then dwindled them down to the 11 songs that you hear on “Warpaint.”

Having put a lot of hard work, passion, and staying true to who they are throughout this album, it is not surprise that the album is receiving so much praise. Having not recorded for 3 years, and having gone through a lot of changes throughout that time, the new beginning for Buckcherry is a very welcome breath of fresh air. Stevie shared that they have been receiving so many texts and emails of congratulations and well wishes for this album. “The reaction has been way beyond expectations! We’re really pleased with the first day of the release!! And we’re already up to around #4 on the release charts!”

“There’s a common motif or a common thread if you will that you’ll hear throughout the whole album. We had a lot going on in our personal lives and I think emotionally it runs through the whole album. Without getting into too much detail there were a lot of situations for all of us that we have to suit up and show up and its not the easiest thing to do and despite your fear and anxiety over certain situations, you go in there and get shit done. Whether it’s putting on your work uniform or putting on your ‘Warpaint.’ We show it up and knock it down!”

He could have not described the vibe of this album better.

Songs range from the AC/DC type vibe of “Warpaint” to the emotional and relatable (and my personal favorite) “Radio Song” and even with a cool cover of Nine Inch Nails “Head Like A Hole.” Though Buckcherry has always had a very distinctive sound, they achieved sticking to their unmistakeable aesthetic while breathing new life into their passion and drive to create and connect. Some other amazing new songs on this album include “The Devil In The Details,” “Closer,” “Vacuum,” and “The Alarm.” All fresh but without a doubt, ALL Buckcherry.

“We’re conscious of keeping the integrity of who we think Buckcherry is and keeping that in tact.”

Speaking of genuine connection, Jacksonville fans are in luck! On April 14th Stevie and the guys of Buckcherry will rockin’ out at Surfer Bar at Jacksonville Beach with special guests Joyous Wolf! Though, I have been a fan of Buckcherry for some time now, this will actually be my first live Buckcherry experience and I couldn’t be more excited! Stevie tells me that we are all in for a treat. Come show your support and get your tickets now before they’re all gone!

Though a lot has changed for the band like taking a 3 year hiatus from recording, personal ups and downs, and bringing old friends and musicians into the fold, one thing has remained a constant. In the words of Stevie, “We always got your back!” It really goes to show that together with staying true to who you are, putting in the hard work, and having a fresh and open mind we can do anything. “Warpaint” is a great representation of new beginnings and all the “feels” that come along with it! So put on your “Warpaint” and let’s do this!

To get a copy of “Warpaint” and to find out more about Stevie and Buckcherry check out:






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