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Finland’s Metal band Battle Beasts singer Noora Louhimo talks about the bands 5th album No More Hollywood Endings

The band consist of Rhythm guitarist Juuso Soinio , Drummer Pyry Vikki , Bassist Eero Sipilä and Keytarist Janne Björkroth that give a fresh sound and adding the rock/metal voyage from Helsinki to the rest of the world. As their motto is “100% heavy metal – 0% bullshit!”

IMM: Hi Noora, thanks for your time. First 2018 tour withKamelot and Delain was the first for the band to the west coast of the United States and to California? The new album is good and keeping the sound though with extra flavor.

Noora: Actually our first tour in States was back in 2017 with Sabaton (headliner). We warmed up them with a band called Leaves’ Eyes. It was a great experience and showed us how fantastic the audience is in States – warm and welcoming. The album is definitely a step forward to a bigger sounds and using even more pop elements in heavy metal music than before. You can also hear the softer and emotional side of me as a singer. 

IMM: For example, after the show at The Grove at Anaheim, California there were positive comments from those seeing hearing the band for the first time. That was the band’s first time to the west coast of the U.S.?

Noora: We had been at The Grove with Sabaton earlier so we made there for the second time with Kamelot and man it was so cool to be back. We loved the audience and the heat. 

IMM: Who came up with title for the album and for the song is about the same ending emotions?

Noora: Janne Björkroth, our keyboardist/producer suggested the name, he also wrote the song “No more Hollywood endings”. The name is a message to the audience: Write your own endings, embrace yourselves and don’t try to be something you are not. 

IMM: Will the band mate show their dance moves for “No More Hollywood Endings” on stage as in the video and the references for the song?

Noora: Haha, I can’t tell you that. You have to come to our show to see what’s going to happen. The song is about a person who tries to fit in to something she’s not comfortable with and decides to say goodbyes pursuing unrealistic life and continue life excepting herself as she is.

IMM: All the songs for this album were written when you ended the tour with Kamelot and back at home and any left over from the previous albums Also used musicians playing the violins, and cellos is what the band wanted then using a synthesizers or pre-recorded?

Noora: Well actually the songwriting process started before that. But we got it on full speed during after the tour with Kamelot. We wanted to make this album even more epic so one of the ingredients was to use the string section. Overall the songs are wider emotionally and sound wise. This album is definitely focused on painful and important issues in life. But there are couple of songs about history and fantasy too.

 IMM: The references for these songs: “Unfairy Tales”,“The Hero” and “The Golden Horde” are about?

Noora: Unfairy tales is about social media and privacy policies. How they are used against and for us. This song is written by Janne.The hero is about finding the superhero within yourself and outcome all the obstacles in life. This song is written by Eero Sipilä, bass. The Golden horde is about historical events of the Mongolian war division “Golden horde”. This song is written by Joona Björkroth, guitar. Pretty funny you picked up these three songs and they are from three different band members

IMM: For the new Video for “Eden” are you going to wear the jacket on stage? 

Noora: Again this is a question you’ll get answered at our shows 😉

 IMM: Who designed the album cover and is the band new logo?

Noora: A Finnish artist Jan Yrlund designed the album cover. An American artist Kelly Wagner designed our new symbol which is in the cover. They both have designed also some of our merchandise designs.

 IMM: Who are influences on singers and who you currently like?

Noora: I have lot of them…Janis Joplin, Bruce Dickinson, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Tina Turner, Madonna, Ella Fitzgerald, Ronnie James Dio, Axl Rose, Brian Johnson, Robert Plant, Ann Wilson, Bonnie Tyler, Aretha Franklin, Adele, Lady Gaga, David Coverdale, Prince. Elton John….The list just keeps on going, haha.

 IMM: How many songs will be performed on this tour for North America?

Noora: As many we can fit to our set time. Of course in our headline shows there will be full blast of Battle beast for about 90 minutes.

 IMM: This year the band is headlining shows across Europe and supporting Kamelot with Sonata Arctica for North America. I predict Battle Beast will headline some American venues. Is that plan for the band to headline North America maybe for 2020 or after?

Noora: We’ll have a tour in States starting from September until October 2019 with Kamelot and Sonata Arctica. There will be some of our own headline shows too in between the tour dates. They will be announced asap. Of course we want to have a full headline tour in States asap, but we need to do the ground work first. I hope in five years we’ll be able to do this.

 IMM: Any plans for a live album and DVD?

Noora: In some point yes. There is right moment and place to everything.

 IMM: Thanks again and for your time.

Noora: Thank you so much! Remember to go to and pre-order our album and buy tickets to our show, it’ll be huge. See you lovely beasts on the road! 

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