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No Bullshit, Just A Bona Fide Connection with LP and Georgi Kay


After a long drawn out week, the last thing we want is more bullshit. No more “the customer is always right,” no more nagging bosses, and no more busy work! We want to let loose with honest energy, make genuine connections, and enjoy a powerful music experience. This past Friday at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall, the sold out crowd got all we could have ever wanted and more with LP and Georgi Kay.

The hall was packed from wall to wall with fans of all ages and LP devotees that traveled from all over the world. We were all there detach from the everyday world and take part in a supreme musical experience with two dynamic artistic heroines leaving a unique mark in music and on our hearts.

The night began with the British-Australian bad ass beat creator Georgi Kay. I won’t lie and say that I’d heard of her before her set but, WOW. You have got to check her out! Not only can she weave magic as she creates unique sound by looping, beating and synthesizing but, she is quite the wordsmith. Songs like “Toxins,” “American Psycho” and my personal favorite “Lone Wolf” express heavy emotions that most of us can sincerely relate to from time to time. Though the excited crowd tried to beat her to the punches about her thoughts in between songs, she told us about her love and inspiration for each song and even encouraged crowd participation by teaching the chorus for “Valentine” so that we could join in. I enjoyed every second, and followed her on Spotify as soon as I got in the car on the way home.

In between sets, as we waited for LP to take the stage the hall roared with fans talking about the songs they hoped she’d play, putting on their fresh bright orange LP merch, and buzzing about how amazing this show was about to be. The moment the lights went out, you could feel an undeniable surge of pent up energy and excitement explode throughout the hall.

Since this was my first live LP experience, I was worried there would be a noticeable difference between her vocals on her records and her vocals on stage. But, of course her voice was just as, if not more glorious than I’d ever heard it before blowing any expectations I ever had out of the water. They crowd was 100 percent invested in each breath she drew, every lyric that came out, and every single pluck or tap of an instrument she played on stage just enhance her stage presence. She had the whole hall mesmerized as we all joined in singing, throwing our hands in the air, moving our feet, and most importantly feeling along.

Not only is it her uniquely raspy Stevie Nicks like voice that captivates music listeners from all around the globe but, her straightforward yet, heartfelt lyrics pluck on heartstrings like I’ve never felt before. As someone who has not had the best luck when it comes to love and forever getting hurt in relationships, I appreciate the no nonsense or sugar coating feelings of disappointment, the sense of loss, and the urge to just say “F**K YOU!” in her lyrics. I know I am not alone in feeling the symptoms of “love sucks” I don’t know how she does it but, songs like “Recovery,” “Other People,” “Lost On You,” and “Muddy Water” put into words the emotions that are, for me, very hard to express without sounding like the biggest Debby Downer on the planet.

LP does not only have songs for ex-lovers or those feeling a little less than high on life. But, some of her other incredible hits include “When We’re High,” “Dream Catcher,” “Tokyo” and “Girls Go Wild.” She even branches out putting her own spin on covers like “Paint It Black” and “Sex On Fire.” Leaving every member in the audience a little lighter, as if the emotional weight that was holding them down was suddenly lifted from their shoulders.

The night was energetically electric, the performances fierce and extraordinary, and the connection between fans and artists were authentic. This was a concert and experience I will not soon forget.






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By Morgan Bates

LP with Special Guest Georgi Kay

Ponte Vedra Concert Hall


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