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Surprise Record Drop~ Smoke Signals releases new album, “Letting Go”

Surprise Record Drop
Smoke Signals releases a new album, “Letting Go”

Just a day after dropping their latest single, “Seek The Light,” Arkansas metalcore band is surprising fans with the surprise record release of “Letting Go.” After self-reflection on where the band wanted to go with this record, the end result is a completely self-produced album that takes fans on a musical roller coaster of genre-transcending riffs, intense lyrics and hitting on important topics that inspire conversation.

Originally wanting to put out “Letting Go” a year ago, Smoke Signals took time to perfect not only the music but where they wanted to be as a band. They shared candidly, “When we wanted to release the record, we weren’t at a point where it felt realistic. However, taking the approach of waiting to release, it left us open to no distractions in our creative process and allowed us to fully explore our vision. We feel this is our most diverse record to date and hope that fans embrace the album as much as we do.”

Smoke Signals has never shied away from hitting on significant topics that we face as a society such as mental health, the death of loved ones, “big pharma,” troubled youth and being an outcast in society. The band also threw in more mysterious themes that the band describes as “conceptual songs that we wanted to leave open to interpretation.”

If you’re looking for a record that can bring the heavy with intense growls, infectious choruses, and unexpected twists and turns musically; “Letting Go,” is the album for you.

Starting off 2019 on a strong note, the band has more in store for fans as they shared, “We’d like to thank everyone who has stuck by us to support this band. Our fans mean the world to us and we look forward to seeing you all very soon on the road with our upcoming tours!”.

About Smoke Signals: 
Smoke Signals is a metal/aggressive rock band from Little Rock, AR. Blending a wide range of influences to create a refreshing vision in a genre known for it’s cliches, Smoke Signals seeks to bring something to the table that is heavy, catchy, raw, visceral, emotionally charged and above all else…..REAL.

Listen to “Letting Go” Now

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