Melodic Alt-Rock Band Benvenue Releases New Single & Music Video “Days To Years”

Melodic alternative rock band BENVENUE is announcing the release of “Days To Years,” their latest track and music video; watch below. On it, the Bay Area band is challenging the listener to look within themselves, much like their previous single “Wake Up Now” which was also co-produced by Jason Mater (Disney Music Publishing) and has over 33,000 YouTube views.

“One thing we’ve realized is there is absolutely no substitution for lost time, especially when going through difficult experiences,”….
“As we get older, days to years happens faster, but time also becomes way more meaningful. We seem to embrace life’s beauty whether good or bad as a learning experience.”

Segueing from staggering riffs into soaring melodies without ever breaking stride, BENVENUE [pronounced ben-vuh-new] conjures hard-hitting grooves and anthem like hooks, musically cultivating a style that is reminiscent of Incubus, with a socially-conscious agenda like Rage Against The Machine, while brandishing its own fire.

Following their years-long public hiatus, BENVENUE is gearing up to announce live shows and release a series of new singles in the coming months. “We never stopped creating and writing,” the band explains. “It just feels like the time is right and we’re beyond excited to share what we’ve been cooking up.”

For more info about BENVENUE, visit:Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube | SoundCloud

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