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“Move” Over!!… Pretty Vicious Is On a Punk Mission !!.. An Interview with Brad Griffiths

Pretty Vicious are from the UK and have opened up for Stereophonics and Noel Gallagher. The band recently signed with Big Machine / John Varvatos after A&R exec Julian Raymond had seen and loved Pretty Vicious at Glastonbury.

Their forthcoming debut album captures perfectly the youthful energy and attitude that initially caused the London A&R scene to go all-in on an unruly gang of teenagers from the Welsh valleys.

The four-piece have now signed to Big Machine and will be releasing the as-yet-titled debut album in 2019. The LP was produced by Dan Austin who has worked with You Me At Six, Twin Atlantic and Pulled Apart By Horses

The band gave fans a sneak peek of the album with their a millennial grunge stormer single “Move.” 

Ignite had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Brad Griffiths about the band, Punk music, and their quick success!!

We asked Brad about being in a punk sound they have and if they consider themselves a punk band, he said: ” We are punky soft..but foremost a punk band, that would be the best way to describe it, I think it the best for a young person to express yourself in this day in age.” When asked if punk music choice him, he stated, “It just kinda what it evolved into to that sound over time with the writing and playing over time, and it fit out style of expression”.

The first song, “Move“, off the EP that came out late last year got a lot of love from the Music Industry, and we went on to ask Brad about the song and what he thought about the success they are having with the tune,…” It is our first charting song on the Rock Chart, but we finish the album and it just happens to be the first song, it was quick and upbeat and we thought it would be great to test the waters, and it kicked off…which is great!!‘, he went on ” we are looking for more singles that progress and that have bigger sounds that naturally progress more and more. I do have to say, the songs that I have heard all great, and anyone could be a smashing hit!

Just before we did this interview, the band release a new single “Are You Entertained?.”, which is just one more evidence of just how great this band is and the insane music they put out. I was quite entertained for sure, this song is like punk on steroids, it is 3.5 minutes of a runaway freight train barreling down the tracks at full speed and never looks back. Brad told us ” We wanted a song that you can list to before going out for the night or coming in from a night out, one that just gets you going before or after a night out!!” and it is one hell of a have a good night out banger!!

Pretty Vicious

If this EP doesn’t satisfy your need for great punk rock, Brad tells up that they will be having a full-length album in 2019,” they will be in the studio soon, ” all songs are all done and packaged and ready for delivery”

These young lads will be touring the states and from what I have seen they will be out on some of the festival rounds this spring and summer. He said, ” were we really upset about our tour that was canceled this last year“. But I’m sure they will make that up to their US fans this summer I’m sure of that!! He told me he loved playing the small grungy venues that ” you can feel a part of it” and I would have to agree, we all like singing band in the small intimate settings.

Brad goes on to say ” We are really looking forward to going to the state, the people in the states just get us more you know”

Well, I am sure I can speak for a lot of fans, we are ready to see and hear one hell of a show by Pretty Vicious in the states, Get Here All Ready!!

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