Concert Review~Mayday Parade Put On An AMAZING show!! ..Along with a few of their friends!

Alternative pop/rock band Oh, Weatherly was first on the bill for the evening. The Dallas, Texas, natives signed to Hopeless Records in 2017 and released their debut full-length album Lips Like Oxygen’ under the label in July, this year. As they took the stage with bounces and hair flips, Oh, Weatherly was clearly full of enough energy to wake up the crowd early. Although their set was short and sweet at 30 minutes long, vocalist Blake Roses took a momentary break from the music to address mental health. “You might feel like nobody cares, nobody loves you. That’s not true.” He left a particularly personal impression on the crowd when he continued, “I lost my dad in one of the worst ways imaginable. I didn’t think I’d make it. The fact that I’m standing here on-stage tonight is proof that things do get better.” The set closed out on a more upbeat song, “I Think I Want You.”

The stage was mostly cleared except for a drumkit and one microphone stand left twinkling against two vibrant purple starburst lights. The crowd cheered loudly when the familiar William Ryan Key picked up an acoustic guitar and took place at his mic stand. Though the solo name may not be instantly recognizable, most people would remember him well as the former vocalist of recently disbanded pop punk band Yellowcard. Anthony Del Grosso of This Wild Life accompanied Key at a spot on the drums and the two played a fully acoustic, low key (no pun intended) set. 

It didn’t take very long before someone in the crowd loudly exclaimed, “Ocean Avenue!” In response, Key promised the crowd he would get to the sing-a-long in a minute and advised anyone who didn’t want to listen to the solo songs to go get a drink. Following the breakup of Yellowcard in 2017, Key began performing as a solo artist, with his first EP ‘Thirteen’ being released earlier this year. “Vultures,” “Old Friends,” and “The Bowery” were the first three songs played, all from the debut EP. Before fulfilling his earlier promise, Key circled back around and joked with the crowd, “Well, if I didn’t do anything else tonight, at least I know I did one thing right. I’m about to make that guy’s night. Sing as loud as you can!” No one held back from letting their voices be heard for “Ocean Avenue.” Key thanked the crowd for letting him share the new music and expressed gratitude to Mayday Parade for offering him the opportunity to tour after embarking on his solo adventure. He closed out with “Virtue,” the title track from Key’s sophomore EP which will be releasing in just a couple days on November 30th.

It was This Wild Lifes time to rock the stage, This Wild Life is an acoustic rock duo from Long Beach, California consisting of Kevin Jordan on vocals and guitar and Anthony Del Grosso on guitar. Jordan and Del Grosso were originally pianist and drummers respectively and are out their new album Petaluma, which was released in May of this year. This dynamic duo enters the lights on the stage and the crowd goes WILD!.  I will say this, these two guys really know how to fill the stage and their energy is fantactic! Anthony started out playing the guitar on stage with Kevin, then, with a drum kit smack down in the middle of them, Anthony sat down at the kit and smashed out a few songs on the drums like “Puppy Love” and “West Side” and the crowd was so into it. Kevin broke out the Ukulele on one song and afterward said how much a girl in the front row slayed the best air ukulele he had ever seen. 

Great time! Mayday Parade always creates an inclusive, positive, and energetic atmosphere. They keep everything fresh and have moved towards more mature music for the older fans, and they always throw in older tracks for nostalgia. They played so many songs I thought they’d never play. They know that every one of their fans loves what they do and respect every single reason why an appeal to every last one of those reasons. Most beautiful Mayday show I’ve ever been to! The lights were awesome! The sound was amazing! The one thing that makes Mayday Parade special is, Mayday Parade is full of great performers who actually seem like they enjoy being there and interacting with the crowd.

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