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Celtic Woman’s new singer Megan Walsh talks about the new album Ancient Land and the DVD recorded at Johnstown Castle at County Wexford, Ireland

Megan is 21 years of age and from County Meath, Ireland. She has studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London and as well as being a classically trained soprano,she is equally proficient in many other genres. She is a seasoned performer, having been on stage from a very young age. In 2014,at age 17, she won “The Soloist” competition with the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland. This journey took her initially to the USA, where she sang on the main stage of the famous Carnegie Hall, New York.

IMM: Hi Megan thanks for your time during the bands promo tour at Germany. The first question is how were you selected to join Celtic Woman and when did that happen?

Megan: Méav Ní Mhaolchatha, one of the original members The Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland and joined the Peace Proms and travel around with them. She saw me sing with them when I was 17 about four years ago. She got in contact with me over the summer and asked if like to sing with them? I was studying at London and flew over met with Executive Producer Shane McDonnell, Musical Director Gavin Murphy and Vocal Director Méav Ní Maholchatha and kind of how I got the job.

IMM: For the new album the songs were already being worked on and there 18 songs on the new album. Were you chosen to sing lead on “Faiths Song” and “Shenandoah”?

Megan: Yes. I met with Gavin and sang a few songs and those two songs spoke to me  and kind of knew when I heard them that those were the songs I love to sing for the album and I was obsessed with and that is actually how I chose them.

IMM: Part of the album was recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Recording Studio. How did you like recording there?

Megan: It was unbelievable! The grounds are so beautiful and fire creativity there and feel inspiration there and think of everybody who has recorded there in the past when you walk through the halls. It was just incredible.

IMM: Back to “Shenandoah” that on this album is more original songs though some were written 150 to 200 years ago. The only repeat song on the album is “Shenandoah” but words to the song but has been played on previous albums and shows as a instrumental. And thanks to Gavin for no repeated songs on the album except “Shenandoah”.

Megan: The arraignment of it sounds like a original which I absolutely fell in love with, with use of the low whistle and lots of Irish instrumentation which gave it such a original feel.

IMM: The opening track “Ancient Land” and the whole album in my opinion it doesn’t have that pop music sound reference to it.

Megan: It has a more worldly rich sound to it which I think we achieve and I am proud of it.

IMM: Also I notice this song called “Sive” which sang in Sean Nos style or old style singing? **Note: (Sive is a play by Irish playwright John B. Keane that depicts Irish rural life in the 1950s. The main character of the play is Sive, yet she rarely speaks in the play.)

Megan: Yes it would be in the Irish language and refers to a female’s name. The arrangement on the album is a completely new arraignment.

IMM: For the DVD are the 18 songs performed?

Megan: Yes, and the album is performed and also much loved songs like “Danny Boy”, “Amazing Grace” and songs that Celtic Woman are known for.

IMM: And that is to be released in January2019?

Megan: Yes, the end of January.

IMM: Rehearsals and production for the new tour are in progress?

Megan: Yep, we are in full swing now and getting ready for the Symphony tour.

IMM: Thanks for your time and to meet the fans during the Symphony tour and the new tour next year.

Megan: Thanks and excited to meet the fans.

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