unnamed (48)In the last week of spooky October, emo/pop LOWBORN’S new, electric single “Be Like Me” hit all streaming and purchasing platforms. With fans bursting with excitement, LOWBORN premiered the official music video for “Be Like Me” on Billboard, who described  LOWBORN’s distinctive sound as “fiery” and “absolutely huge” and is just one of many media outlets who has backed this quickly rising quartet. The track features a haunting narrative of the band’s namesake repeated in the chorus, as the video takes viewers on a trip through the band’s state of mind. The single and dark music video visuals take on music industry demons who are determined to dilute dreams and encourages LOWBORN listeners to turn a cheek.

“Be Like Me is about the last couple of years I’ve spent working in the music industry and all the dark corners I’ve explored while I’ve learned it’s ins and outs. The masks in the new video represent managers, labels, booking agents…really anyone who sees you as a dollar sign instead of a person. This was a time in my life I was feeling like people saw me as something to use and not someone working toward their dreams. We ended up making it an anthem for anyone who felt like they couldn’t chase their dreams, we’re here to tell them to do it anyway, in spite of anyone who might stand between you and your goals. Surround yourself with the right people and never quit.”  — vocalist Wes Lauterbach

Rarely in 2018 does a band create music different enough to warrant a new genre, yet Greensboro’s new talent LOWBORN compose a distinct sound that reverberates in each song. With a stone foundation in alternative rock, LOWBORN features synth-driven pop beats and lyrics that rival emo bands of days gone by. LOWBORN presents four talented musicians, all from Greensboro, North Carolina. Wes Lauterbach’s raw and powerful vocals are complemented perfectly by Zane Frye’s guitar and strong synth and William Clayton’s lead guitar and harmonious backup vocals, all held tight by Cody Bishoff’s consistent drum rhythms.

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