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TOTO-343Toto brought their 40 Trips Around the Sun tour to a sold out Florida Theater last night and took all of us on a nostalgic trip through 40 years of music.

Toto has been an award-winning group since the late 70s producing thirteen albums with dozens of well known and loved songs.  Last night they spent two and a half hours of non-stop playing to remind us of what amazing musicians they are and how much we love their music.  The group played many fan favorites such as Alone, I Will Remember, Rosanna, Georgy Porgy, and Girl Goodbye.  They also took the time to showcase the incredible talents of each of the members throughout the night with Steve Lukather showcasing his unbelievable guitar skills throughout the night.

The audience was totally involved in the music throughout the night, singing along, dancing and showing their appreciation after each and every song but especially during the final song of set Africa.  Toto returned to the stage for one final song after Africa, covering Weezer’s Hash Pipe.

It was a fabulous night of loved music and musicians whose talents have been honed over 40 years of performing and are as good, if not better, today than they were then.


Toto Photo Gallery


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