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Interview~AMARANTHE Takes Another Leap in Their Sonic Evolution their Electrifying 5th album ‘HELIX’ with new Singer Nils Molin.



Currently, on a European tour for the new album, new singer Nils took time to answer questions on the new album.

IMM: Hi and thanks for your time to answer questions on the new album while on the European tour. The new songs are written for this album is like others as always, hit in you in the face, throat, and stomach with recovery.  Any of the songs that were not released on the previous albums released on this one?

NMAll the songs on HELIX were written specifically for this album. The way that Amaranthe writes is usually from a completely clean slate. Old ideas or rejects are rarely used.

IMM: Olof, you write the songs and have input from the group on the lyrics, topics and music arraignments? What I notice about lyrics to all the songs is on attitude, confidence, re-changeling anger on relationships, fights or arguments either between friends, couples, and multiples of people?

NM: The lyrics are meant to be uplifting and empowering. While still not veering away from difficult topics like relationship issues and overall struggles. The silver lining is always there though.

IMM: When did the recording of the album start and how long did it take?

NM: The drum recording started in early March this year. The whole recording process lasted for about 2 1/2 months.

IMM: On the video “365” which is basically that it was filmed outdoors yet Elize you are athletic and the only one getting wet. Was that part of the plan or you wanted to add that in the filming and for the video for “Countdown” and that it seems you do most the physical moves like kicking, jumping and punching compare to the guys in the band? That is on purpose when doing the videos?

NM: As a matter of fact, I was also there in the ”rain”. This was just a visual idea that we had for the video. In regards to Elize doing most of the kicking and jumping, that’s just her personal style. And a pretty kick-ass one. Pun intended..

IMM: What are the songs “GG6”, “Breakthrough Starshot” and “The Score” about?

NM: GG6 is about this over the top rockstar character created for Henrik. GG6 is always fighting with Elize. It’s meant to be funny. BREAKTHROUGH STARSHOT is about someone destined for greatness. THE SCORE is about settling old scores by simply moving forward doing what the band has always done.


IMM: What was the process to bring you to be with the group?

NM: I have known the people of Amaranthe for many years. We’ve stayed in contact and I was asked to tour with the band years ago. At that time I didn’t have the availability. But in 2017 it finally happened. I was later asked to permanently join the band, and here we are.

IMM: On the Japanese release there two extra tracks which are the acoustic versions of “Helix” and “Unified”. Would those songs at times be performed that way?

NM: We do acoustic shows from time to time. They will definetaly be played like that on those occasions.

IMM: Who did the artwork for the album and who came up with the logo?

NM: The artwork was designed by Gustavo Sazes. The logo was a collaboration between him and the band.

IMM: For the new album there is not a ballad. Was it to keep the album consistent?

NM: UNIFIED and DREAM, are both in ballad territory. But they still have heavy parts in them. This was indeed to keep the album consistent.

IMM: When selecting songs for shows do you all have a vote on which songs will be performed and how many from the new album? And that depending on the day or night of the show you will change the song list or add or delete songs?

NM: Yes to both. We discuss the setlist as a group in general. Changes can be made depending on how well the set works for a specific audience.

IMM: How was it to perform at Israel with confrontations on many sides and you felt safe while there?

NM: We felt safe there. And we’re simply there to play music for fans who have never had the opportunity the see the band.

IMM: Are discussions for 2019 for North America as a headliner, direct support and with other bands including festivals and 70,000 Tons of Metal?

NM:  There are definitely plans for the US. At the moment we don’t know exactly how and when. But soon there will be a tour.

IMM: Have there been talks with label reps to have a live album and DVD released for next year or when it is decided to have live recordings released?

NM: This will definitely happen in the future. The question is when and how, hopefully sometime next year.

IMM:  Your fans at the US are waiting to see you again and thanks for your time.

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