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4th Annual Ronnie James DIO Stand Up And Shout Against Cancer at PINZ Bowling

4th Annual Ronnie James DIO Stand Up And Shout Against Cancer at PINZ Bowling


Since the passing of Rock/metal influential singer of stomach cancer, the quest for getting this disease more funding to confront it and to kill it has been new chapter in Wendy DIO’s for honoring Ronnie to put the spotlight on this killer that does not get that attention and funds to fight it as for breast cancer, prostate, colon and skin cancer dose.  By doing the fundraising events such as the Ride for Ronnie with various music performances and the annual bowl has the fans who donate to bowl get to  participate with the musicians and actors while raising funds by buy and bidding on shirts, CD and LP gift basket, pillows and raffling other items for the cause.  Even if you don’t donate to bowl yet pay to get in to meet the celebrities.

On October 25, 2018 this year was sold out and hosted by Radio and TV personality Eddie Trunk. New  to this event were Jack Black and Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) along with newcomers: Bobby Blotzer (Ratt), Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders/Thin Lizzy,) Gilby Clark, Terry Ilous (ex Great White and XYZ) Chas West and Jimmy Burkhead of Westbound with regulars, Ira Black, Tom Morello, Sean McNabb, Marc Ferrari (Keel, Cold Sweat), Damon Fox (The Cult), Chris Latham and Calico Cooper of Beastö Blancö, (Alice Cooper/ Beastö Blancö), actress-musician Abby Gennet, Rita Haney, Sonia Harley, Adam Jones (Tool), Alex Kane (The Ramones), Michael Stone and Patrick Stone of Budderside, Marty O’Brien (Methods of Mayhem, Lita Ford), Otep Shamaya (Otep), Howie Simon (Alcatrazz), Jeff Scott Soto (Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Fates Warning), Dio Disciples members  Scott Warren and Simon Wright , August Zadra (Dennis DeYoung), DJ WIll of, Diva and Ahmet Zappa as well as actors Elysia Skye, Star Fields (Sons of Anarchy), among others with all the pizza you can eat.

This year a check of $61,000 was presented to the Regents Of Southern California for the R&D for screening for the stomach cancer by salvia which should be available in about 2 years.

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  1. Lucky me to attend this event. I met some nice fellows named Jack and Dantun who filled me in on all the action going on around me. That was a busy place, and no one had name tags. Really rocking time, thanks for hosting Eddie! You made it more special.


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