Fozzy Just Rocked Plain and Simple… Good Music Good Times With Stone Broken and The Stir!!


This was my second time seeing Fozzy, but first time seeing the two opening bands (Stir, Stone broken).In 2018 finds Jericho and posse on the road in support of their seventh studio album, Judas. and they all rocked the crowds face off!

We caught Fozzy live in concert at Mavericks live in Jacksonville Fl..  on their Judas Rising tour,

Jericho whirled, twirled, and flexed. He mugged and yucked it up with fans—and even invited fans onstage to dance and rock out to an action-packed song. He even donned a bedazzled overcoat whose little LCD studs lit up, giving a Joseph & The Technicolor Jacket vibe. At one point he broke out a torch that looked like it was supposed to spew smoke of some sort like a fire extinguisher.

The Stir, Stone Broken were all amazing openers, with Stone Broken being the best. But the real stars were Fozzy. Amazing from the 1st second to the last. It was INCREDIBLE. I cannot wait to see Fozzy again and will be searching out music from the opening bands! Chris Jericho has incredible charisma and his stage presence is great.

I was maybe 20 feet away from the bands, and that closeness just brings about an entirely new level of involvement in the experience. The crowd was great and well behaved (no pushing, shoving, swearing unless it was in the song lyrics or stupidity of any kind).

I will definitely return to see Fozzy again on this Judas tour!!!

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