“Anthem of the Peaceful Army” By Greta Van Fleet- The Album That Will Save Rock and Roll!! – Out 10/19

~The Album That Will Save Rock and Roll One Note at a Time~


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Greta Van FleetJake Kiszka/guitars, Sam Kiszka/bass & keys, Josh Kiszka/vocals, and Danny Wagner/drums – is very proud to announce the upcoming release of the band’s debut album, Anthem of The Peaceful Army, due out October 19 on Lava/Republic Records.  The album is available for pre-order now by going here HERE.  Fans who pre-order the album will receive an instant grat track, the brand new song “Watching Over,” that you can check out here HERE.

Ignite was given the pleasure of listening to the album before release to get our take on it. And what can we say – The new kings of new classic rock has arrived in a tight little music package called~ Greta Van Fleet~! and, Anthem Of The Peaceful Army is going to take you are a mind trip back to the 70’s, but with a new twist. The album will take you back in time to where the world is a place of beauty… full of color, full of luster, diversity, and synergy, where we can freely agree to disagree without acrimony.

The glorious trip all starts with the first track “Age the Man“, this song here is one that gets you chilling from the start, just sit back and enjoy the mind clearing music and the vocals that have you singing along in no time, this song is about new beginnings and getting back to loving one another. “The Cold Wind“, the second track kicks into gear as soon as the first riff and drum beat and keeps grooving throughout the whole tune. We all know the new single “When The Curtain Calls” and the huge it is with current fans and new fans. One of my personal favorites off this new album is “Lover..Leaver              ( taker, Believer) the music is so mind-blowing, the guys have really outdone themselves with this one, the groove sucks you in and doesn’t let go, set back and take a trip like you are on an abandon ship in the middle of the ocean drifting as your mind melts away into the waves.

Your The One” is a nice ballad that is a little different paced them what the band is known for, but it works! The band is really going out and expanding their music and going to places that are going to make them one of a kind, and not just a Led Zeppland want-to-be’s like some are comparing them to. Sure they have the same sound, but they are also unique in their own right, like the song “The New Day “, a lot of similarities but also have their own twist that makes them stand out from the others.

For their debut full-length album Anthem of The Peaceful Army, Greta Van Fleet is here to stay! They have put the word “Classic” in classic music, and they are a class act to boot! Joshua’s vocal is piercing, along with Jacob guitar playing in “Brave New World“. I think this is one of their best song on the album. Samuel and Daniel really fill the song up and make it a shining star that stands out in the dark sky. “Anthem” rounds out the album, its a song that is going to resonate live to a giant sing along, I can see fifty thousand fans singing out loud-

“Just you and me, can agree to disagree …And the world is only what the world is made of “

And that is the perfect way to leave this review, we all have opinions and we don’t always have to agree, its what we do with those opinions and try to make the world a better place! and I think Greta Van Fleet is here to make the world forget about problems and just be happy listening to their music, and they have accomplished that in this album.

Anthem of the Peaceful Army CD Cover Art_hiThe track listing for Anthem of the Peaceful Army is as follows:

1.   Age of Man

2.   The Cold Wind

3.   When The Curtain Falls

4.   Watching Over

5.   Lover Leaver (Taker Believer)

6.   You’re The One

7.   The New Day

8.   Mountain of the Sun

9.   Brave New World

10. Anthem


Anthem of the Peaceful Army Credits

Written by Joshua Michael Kiszka, Jacob Thomas Kiszka, Samuel Francis Kiszka, Daniel Robert Wagner

Published by LAVA Music Publishing • BMI (admin. Kobalt Music Publishing)

Joshua Kiszka – Vocals

Jacob Kiszka – Guitar

Samuel Kiszka – Bass/Keys

Daniel Wagner – Drums

Produced by: Marlon Young, Al Sutton, Herschel Boone

(The Rust Brothers)

Recorded at Blackbird Studio Nashville, TN by: Al Sutton

Assisted by: Tanner Peters, Jason Mott

Mixed by: Al Sutton and Marlon Young at Rustbelt Studios Royal Oak, MI

Mastered by: Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound

Backing Vocals by: Jacob Kiszka, Samuel Kiszka, Daniel Wagner



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