Kingdom Come performs live at Hollywood, California’s The Whisky A Go-Go for the 30th anniversary of the band’s debut album.

IMG_0307ADuring the 80’s explosion of Rock and Metal music videos because of MTV one of the bands that have blues and Led Zeppelin sound influence on their debut album was Kingdom Come. That has Lenny Wolf (vocals), Danny Stag (guitar), Rick Steier (guitar), Johnny B. Frank (bass) and James Kottak (drums).  The last time the band performed together was for their 25th Anniversary on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise. This year with the original members minus Lenny, who decided to take a hiatus and agreed that Burning Rain and ex-Montrose singer Keith St. John to sing with the band for only the live shows across the U.S. fill in for Lenny sings the songs flawlessly while still feeling his way through the songs early into the tour .gave a high energy performance though they started at 11PM.

The band performed 16 various songs from the band’s debut album and their second In Your Face. Starting the set with “Shout It Out”, Perfect O” from In Your Face, “Hide Away” and “Living Out Of Touch” was a non-stop performance that also included a, guitar solo from Rick, bass solo from Johnny and drum solo from James while he was standing and making eye contact with the crowd with changing shirts that also have the words tattoo on his body like “Kottack Attack”.  The band also added songs from the second album In Your Face that included “Do You Like It” and “Just Like A Wild Rose”. While the audience knew all the songs the Zeppelin sounding “Get It On” from the debut album was the crowd favorite. The band ended the show with the encores of “What Love Can Be” and “The Shuffle” from the debut album.

While the band’s tour ends at the end of October and the positive reaction with Keith.  For more U.S. performances should be discussed Lenny for Keith to sing.

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