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Jeff Beck…Paul Rogers and Ann Wilson on “Stars Align Tour” Daily’s Place Jacksonville!! 8/25

untitled shoot-4470The Stars did align in Jacksonville Florida at Daily’s Place on a hot humid evening in the sunshine state of Florida as Jeff Beck-Paul Rogers and Ann Wilson (of Heart) hit the stage on 8/25.

This show was absolutely Fabulous. Ann Wilson got on stage and proved she still has the chops and her voice and energy were strong.

One fan put it like this;

Ann Wilson has been an inspiration to me as a singer since I first saw her on stage back in 1977. To one day meet her is on my bucket list. She still hits every note in “Crazy on You” and “Barracuda”. Her rendition of “I Put a Spell on You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins had the hair on the back of my neck standing at attention. One moment that completely blew my head off was when she NAILED the infamous Roger Daltry scream in “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who. Nobody, I mean nobody can do that. She hasn’t lost her touch AT ALL! Awesome concert!” by FortGirlSinga

Paul Rogers is an enigma. If I would have closed my eyes I would have thought I was listening to a 25-year-old Paul singing the songs. His power, soul, range an delivery where astounding. He and his band rocked the house for a solid hour and you couldn’t sit down. He was so aware of his audience and delivered all our favorites as well as some deep tracks along with music he did with FREE.

Here are what fans are saying about the show:

I am of a certain age and love to see concerts of the music that I listened to in my teens and my 20’s. Fortunately, many of these bands still tour and perform. I go to many concerts and Paul Rodgers was the best I’ve seen in a long time. Rodgers connected with his adoring audience. He was fit and energetic while moving all over the stage and interacting with the audience. He played all the favorites of Bad Company with his super tight band. The entire crowd sang along with him. It was an amazing concert. He’s a pro that appreciates where he came from and knows what his fans want to hear.” ~ by RockChic1

Another fan said;

“Paul Rodgers performed chart topping hits like “Feel like making love”, “All right now”, and “Shooting Star”. The musicians accompanying him were technically amazing and made the 4 piece band sound like 7!
Go see Paul Rodgers if you get the chance. You will not be disappointed.” by Catfish63

Jeff Beck is not only one of the most soulful, expressive guitarists in the world but is a Master technician. You can keep your eyes off of him and the notes this man plays infects your inner being. His guitar cried, wept, screamed, laughed, and rocked like no other. This man got so many sounds out of that guitar and rarely did you see him step on an effects pedal. He had his hands all over that guitar adjusting volume and sound with the knobs and toggle switches on his Strat that no one less than Hendrix can even conceive. This had to be one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen. I have seen all these acts before in their heyday and they all delivered a show second to none and better than most.

Really pretty unbelieveable. He enters and exits each note with deliberateness, creates thoughtful musical passages…not just fast like Leslie West. Ammazing musician! Same time next year at Coral Sky! Don’t miss Beck. Don’t miss BECK!” by Mortygunty

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Concert Photographer at heart, Love listening to music and going to shows to try to capture the magic on the stage with my imagery.I also review albums and live concerts.

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