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Clutch Absolutely Crushed It! Sevendust Never Disappoints! Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown makes new fans!!

The Book of Bad Decisions Tour With Clutch..Sevendust and Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown hit the stage at the House of Blues in Orlando Florida to rock the hell of the place with Tuesday rockers!! The place was packed to the hilt with fans ready to show what they thought of a Tuesday and give it a big middle finger!!

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Maryland-bred rockers Clutch have been a  hot ticket on the tour circuit and a mainstay on the rock radio airwaves for well over a decade. Clutch, for those who aren’t already in the know, is possibly the best, most underrated, hard rock band on the face of the planet. I’ve seen these guys on numerous tours, and they absolutely bring it every time they play a show. I’m honestly not sure how a band that’s been around for as long as they have, can consistently blow the doors off of the building almost every night…..especially considering the fact that they seem to be constantly touring. Tim, Dan, J.P., and Neil are the definition of a working rock band. There is rarely ever any dead air between songs on the setlist, although J.P. had a couple of minor issues with his hi-hat. Otherwise, the show went off without a hitch. For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of seeing a Clutch show; I beg you to treat yourself. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget. I always jokingly refer to it as “Going to church”. My girlfriend, who’s never really cared much for their music, was blown away by their live show. It’s not fancy, it’s not full of lights and lasers, there’s no crazy, elaborate stage setup……it’s pure, unadulterated, primal, funk/blues/metal-infused rock’n’roll. And NOBODY is doing it as well as these guys have been doing it for years. Can’t wait for the next one!
Sevendust always puts on a fantastic show, the play with heart and guts! Lajon and the boys never disappoint the Orlando fans. It almost seems like a hometown show for the guys, I will say this, from a photographer standpoint the lighting for this show was not very photo friendly, to say the least. I understand that the band is wanting a certain look on stage during their performance and they want that dark dramatic look, but for photos and the fans, we can see them, not a dark stage that is back lite that half the time we couldn’t see the artist With that being said their setlist was short, but they managed to bust out most of the big hits, and Lajon did a great job working the crowd. These guys have and still rock every time that I see them live. Great show from start to finish.

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The opening act (Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown) was a pleasant surprise. TBSD did not disappoint! Great rock’n’roll that everyone should be able to enjoy, high energy, and tremendous talent. Expect these guys to hit it huge very soon.

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