Interview- Jules Walcott…She is strong, she is bold, she is genuine, she is real, and she is a truly talented artist!

JulesCemetary-4You may or may not have heard the name Jules Walcott, and if you’re one of those who haven’t, I am hoping after you read this article, you will know her name, her music, became a fan, and see a small glimpse into this nineteen-year-old from Long Island, N.Y. who is taking the music industry by surprise.

I wanted to sit down with Jules and find out what it was like for her to be discovered on social media, have her life change in a matter of days, and try to get to know her on a more personal level, although If you listen to her music, she does a fine job of showing you herself of that.  Just listen with your heart.

We live in a world so driven by social media these days. It makes sense that artists, bloggers, fashion icons, and internet celebrities are being discovered in this realm. YOu yourself rose to fame when a cover of an Evanescence song you posted went viral. Tell Me a little bit about that process and how it all played out.

“When my cover went viral, I was blown away by the response I received. It kind of just happened. I posted the video on impulse on a Thursday night at one am after a rough day, and thought to myself, ‘What else do I have to lose.’ Within the the next few days I had received an email from a huge instagram account, @listentothevoices, asking if they could get my permission to repost my cover on their page.  I agreed without much thought and went on about my day. A good 20 minutes later, my phone began to blow up with notifications. As I refreshed the page over and over, I started to notice the views increasing by the minutes. Within the day, the video had reached hundreds of thousands of people. It was a little overwhelming at first because I wasn’t used to my newfound fame, but it was a very good feeling to have such a large amount of people vide with me and my vocals.”

That’s really impressive to hear. Even more impressive is that your debut single, “Please Leave a Message” had 40,000 views. I’m assuming you wrote this yourself, and if that is the case, was it based on a personal experience you had?

“Please leave a Message was written by me. I wrote it about a past relationship where he would ignore my text messages and phone calls every time he was out to avoid confrontation. I was so tired of hearing the voicemail message, ‘Please leave a message after the tone’ every time he didn’t pick up, so I wanted to mock that within the song, hence the lyrics of the chorus. I wanted my first song to be something a lot of people can relate to. So many of my friends or just people I know have been ignored by people they care about. In today’s society, avoiding confrontation is such an easy thing to do because we have the option to leave something on read. We place so much of our self worth on how much others love us which shouldn’t be the case, and I wanted to write a song to let everyone who has been in the same situation know that they aren’t going through this alone. 

So then I would assume that your latest song coming out, “First to the Altar” might have something to do with this same relationship based on the lyrics. Is there anything you would want to tell us about the process of this song for you?

“First to the Altar’ was lyrically one of the most exciting, yet challenging songs I have ever written in my perspective about the time I was cheated on in a relationship. The writing process of this song was clearly driven on the emotion surrounding this experience. As I started writing this song, my goal was for it to be a diss at the person who cheated on me. As I kept writing, I began to discover that I wasn’t writing a diss track, I was writing about the inner conflict I constantly struggle with, where I let someone else’s actions take control of my life.”

I would be crazy if I didn’t notice the similarity of your voice and Amy lee’s, Would she be a musical influence for you, and who else would that be?

“Amy Lee is a huge inspiration to me! I love confident female vocalist because they usually remind me of myself. Some other artist’s that influence me are Jessie Reyez, Billie Eilish, Hayley Williams, Lzzy Hale, and Kurt Cobain.

Should I tell her now that I love her more for saying, Kurt Cobain?

So then, who would be your dream band/singer to open up for?

“I would love to open up for either Billie Eilish or Jessie Reyez. They are both such incredible performers and their concerts are always so full of energy and positivity, and I would love to be a part of that.”

And would you have a dream venue in mind?

“Irving Plaza in NYC. I have seen so many incredible artist’s perform there, and it is such a beautiful venue!”

By now, the song has hit, and I am excited for her as the release day comes.  

What direction are you hoping to take after this song breaks?

“I plan to release more music after this song, hopefully coming out with an EP. I would love to perform a lot more shows and be able to meet some of the people who support my music!”

Between your voice, your style, and the way you carry yourself, it’s hard for me to realize you are only 19! I tend to feel like girls your age are so scared to just be themselves these days. But you don’t seem to lack that confidence. I get a strong sense that you know who you are. Do you feel like it’s hard for girls to put it all out there or do you feel like girls are made to feel that they can’t be real.

“As hard as it is to be real in this day and age, I force myself to be me and only me every day. I don’t want to look back at myself in ten years and think ‘who was that?’ It hasn’t been easy, and I can honestly say I haven’t always been confident and sure of who I am, I still don’t think I am 100% sure. But I have accepted that I am not perfect.  I’ve accepted that I have flaws and my heart can break and I can’t always win. I think that was the first step to finding who I truly am. My best advice to girls my age would be remember who you were before comparing yourself to other girls, remember who you were before you criticized yourself, and remember who you were before you felt you needed to change yourself for society because I promise you that girl or person was and still is beautiful. Please find them.”

Is there any advice you would have to the girls your age that are out there pursuing their dreams, whether it is artistic or in any other direction?

“I love women who empower other women! Females need to stick together and hype each other up in this generation. It kills me every time I hear about a woman bringing down another woman. The advice I would tell girls my age pursuing their dreams is to NOT give up. The best thing someone pursuing their dreams can do is always stay positive and always support everyone around you. The good karma WILL pay off. I honestly wish I could have given myself this advice years ago, because looking back, I would have never believed my life would have panned out the way it did. I never would believe how incredible life and the universe has been to me simply because I didn’t give up.”

I leave there with a strong sense that I may have met the new “it girl”. I have a feeling not only is the world going to love her voice and music, but they are going to want to be her. She is what we as women are gravitating towards. She is strong, she is bold, she is genuine, she is real, and she is a truly talented artist. This is what our little girls should aspire to be like. I have no doubt that one day she will be headlining her own show at Irving Plaza and venues all around.

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