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Concert Review- Scorpions & Queensryche in Tampa Florida.

German band Scorpions has been electrifying audiences since the early ‘70s with their signature hard-rocking melodic metal and power ballads.

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Scorpions are one of the most successful European bands in music history, having sold over 100 million albums worldwide. Formed in 1969, their early hard rock albums gained attention in Europe and Japan, but it wasn’t until they dropped more radio-friendly albums like 1982’s Blackout and 1984’s Love At First Sting that they found international fame. Over the years the band has developed a reputation for being an outstanding live act, with Klaus Meine delivering some of the most pitch-perfect live vocals in the history of rock.

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What a blistering, incredible and energetic concert the Scorpions put on in Tampa at Amalie Arena on September 14, 2018. Wailing guitar riffs and solos, thundering rhythms, and of course Klaus Meine‘s signature, crystal clear, high tenor voice soaring across the arena. This band still sounds amazing, and their body of work is awesome…They put on a great show as always and I would love to see them again! They were having so much fun on stage and it showed…They were very interactive with their fans by throwing guitar picks and drumsticks whenever they had the chance! they played all of the hits like The Zoo, Big City Nights, Blackout, and of course, Rock you Like a Hurricane —but in the beginning, they play a bunch of songs that most people don’t know and they spent a lot of time on solos. They play for an hour and a half total and I’d say Klaus is probably only singing 1 hour and 10 min because of all of the solos. The only disappointment was not having them perform Still Loving You, but Send me an Angel took its place.

Well, Mickey Dee … stole my heart with an unexpected heart-pounding drum solo. A 17-minute drum solo a tribute to Lemmy I don’t know what else you could ask for except for they could have played longer it sounds great… shows awesome.


Definitely a show worth every penny you will spend on the tickets.!!

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Queensryche came out blazing as the opener for Scorpions and rocked the hell out of the crowd. Those afraid that Geoff Tate is gone can put your fears to rest. The new singer is excellent with a powerful voice! Todd La Torre‘s vocals were amazing and the ax shredding of founding member Michael Wilton was killer.  From Jet City Woman to Queen of the Reich, bringing the chill factor with Silent Lucidity and taking us back to the mystery of The Eyes of a Stranger, Queensryche covered all the basics.

The Energy of the band flowed out to the crowd like a title wave, the fans were up on their feet from start to finish. The only problem is how limited they are due to time constraints, but the blew the crowd back in their sets just like they always do.

The Real Queensryche is here, and they are here to stay!

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