Interview W/ Craig Goldy- New rock band Dream Child Release their debut album UNTIL DEATH DO WE MEET AGAIN on September 14 on Frontiers Records.

New rock band Dream Child featuring music veterans Craig Goldy: Guitars and 36913024_258995454907413_7072861278724685824_nkeyboards (ex-Dio, Giuffria) , new singer Diego Valdez: Vocals(Helker), Simon Wright: Drums (ex-AC/DC, Dio, Operation: Mindcrime), Special Featured performance on bass : Rudy Sarzo (ex-Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Whitesnake, Dio), Wayne Findlay: Keyboards.( ex- MSG). Release their debut album UNTIL DEATH DO WE MEET AGAIN on September 14 on Frontiers Records.

Craig talked to Ignite Music Magazine about the new album with new singer Diego, his other bands, and the Ronnie hologram.

IMM: Hi Craig, and thanks for taking time to talk about the new group and album and other topics. The last group you were part of on Frontiers Records was Resurrection Kings that includes Chas West: Vocals (Bonham), Sean McNabb: Bass (Lynch Mob, Burning Rain) and Vinny Appice: Drums (DIO, Black Sabbath) and did some performances. Yet nothing more happened. Was part of it due to schedules with all the members?  I’m glad I saw the group performing at Go DPS Music store and drum clinic with Vinny. That was fun!

CG: A lot of the sporadic touring was due to everyone’s busy schedule’s not lining up all at once as often as we would’ve liked it to have happened! There are negotiations for the RK II album going on right now! And yes……that clinic was fun!!

IMM: So during the transition you also did a couple of performances with David Glen Eisley to reunite Giuffria without Greg Giuffria. Who were the other musicians?

CG: We did a couple of concerts…..with DGE on vocals…..original drummer Krigger, bassist Dario Siexas ( he and I had a band together with Wayne at one point) and then the Eisley/Goldy album with Ron Wikso on drums…..he’s simply fantastic! He played with /Foreigner, Cher, David Lee Roth, Richie Sambora, Gregg Rolie Band, Eddie Money, Player, Randy Meisner, Denny Laine, CCR…lots of others…..he was also on my 1st solo album with the David Glen Eisley stuff that is part of your next question. Chuck Wright did a couple of tracks…..and Dave and I played keyboards and some bass.

IMM: And are there plans to re-unite for Craig Goldy’s Ritual and re-release that album?

CG: I’m not so sure about a reunion…..but there is a record label interested in re-releasing that album! I’m quite hopeful for that to happen!!

IMM: Listening to this album if not knowing there is a new singer it sounds like songs with Ronnie James DIO that the instruments were over dubbed.  The new group which has been referenced as a new “supergroup”. Do you like the title from others when veteran musicians get together and give that reference?

CG: Well…..not the first reference….no!…..but the second reference, I’m ok with. I realize that Diego Valdez has very similar attributes that only Ronnie had. No one and I mean no one sounds like Ronnie James Dio…..NO ONE!!  Diego was blessed with very similar attributes as Ronnie…..and as I’ve stated before….even before I met Ronnie… far back as when I was in cover bands growing up in San Diego, California…..I was in a constant search for a singer that could sound like Ronnie……firstly cause I could only dream of being in the same band as he…..and secondly cause he was and still is my favorite singer and was the lead vocalist for nearly every one of my favorite songs. These songs I was and still am influenced by……so naturally I’m going to try and re-create that which I love the most as closely as I can…..but with my own spin on it! And THAT is what we have with Diego! The “super group” thing is nothing new….but for people to think of me as a member of a “super group” is a very nice compliment!!


IMM: President of Frontiers Records Mr. Serafino Perugino contacted you to put a new group together though you have other projects in motion and seemed like he was looking for a new band for the label of calibers of music like Rainbow and Deep Purple because there are no bands like that anymore? So this is the 21st century to come close to those bands?

CG: You got it half right! This band was put together through a brainstorming session while on the phone with Serafino discussing other matters. I happen to mention to him that I noticed that a lot of people say the very same thing as one another when making reference to the older Deep Purple and Rainbow Rising era…..and what they said was……”They don’t make music like THAT anymore!” And Serafino asked me……”Well…..can you?”…….and I said….”yes!” Which leads us to your next question. But before that…..Wayne Findlay and I were in a band together trying to be the Rainbow Rising era/“Burn” album Deep Purple of the 21st Century…..that might’ve been where you picked that up from?!

IMM: Serafino asked for Rudy and Simon first to be part of the new group?

CG: That is correct!!

IMM: And you asked others to contribute songs such as Chas West on “Under The Wire” and “Midnight Song”. Wayne Findlay (MSG) on “Weird World”, “Light of The Dark”, “It Is What It Is” and “Until Death Do We Meet Again” along with Doogie White (MSG) on that same song and title track, and Jeff Pilson ( Dokken, T&N, Foreigner) on “It is What It Is”. Also Steve Potts from San Diego, CA from a band called Symbolic co-wrote  a “hybrid” riff for the song “In A World So Cold” that Producer Alessandro Del Vecchio ( producing, writing, mixing, singer and keyboardist and mastering for Frontiers records) co-wrote with you as well as on Playin’ With Fire”.  Who kept the sound you and Serafino wanted to capture?

CG: We all did!! Everyone brought their “A” game to this album!!

IMM: Also Wayne can fill in on bass if Rudy is unavailable when performing?

 CG: I’m not sure where you get that idea from? But we would rather wait until Rudy’s schedule opens up and we can tour with this line up without going against Rudy’s word that he has given to other bands for touring availability! He is a man of integrity!

IMM: Then you need a singer? When you heard Diego’s vocals 7 years ago from a friend though waiting for the right project that this clinched it for this band and hope he still was available?  Where did you meet Diego? Listening to his vocals it seems that Ronnie’s spirit went inside his body and if not he was in the recording sessions. He has a similar vocal sound to Ronnie and was he your list of vocalist too? Of course Ronnie can’t be replaced.

CG: I think I answered most of that question already…..but nearly 8 years ago…a friend of Diego’s sent me an MP3 of a cover of a Dio song that Ronnie and I wrote together for the “Killing The Dragon” album…..the song was called “Push”. It was chilling to say the least! It sounded like Ronnie had covered his own song……it was kinda scary!! I was absolutely destroyed when we lost Ronnie! So, it took a long time for me to get inspired to do original material again. But I couldn’t just leave this guy hanging after hearing that performance! I got a hold of Diego to tell him how amazing I thought he was…..and that it was too early for us to do anything together…..but that one day…..we would do an album together! We stayed friends for that whole time…..and the day has come… was time for him and me to do an album together! And hopefully several more!!

IMM: This new album has 12 songs or actually 13 songs that the extra song “Insufficient Therapy On Marz” is released for Japan. Why for Japan and not the US and other countries?

CG: Back in the 80’s America and Japan had a much stronger musical economy together than it has been until recently! So… was an industry standard thing to do an extra track for Japan back then…..and it just kinda stayed with us! Some would say it was because the Japanese people are so very resourceful and would’ve found a way to get the album from another country….so…..Japan needed a means for their people to buy the album from their own country…..and this was one way of doing that! Others would say it was just a kind gesture from the American musicians to the Japanese fans…..because they were so good to the American bands that toured over there. And some would say it was a mixture of both!

 IMM: Explain the title of “Insufficient Therapy On Marz”?

CG: Well……I’ve always loved that title…..”Insufficient Therapy”…..because it meant that I must be crazy to keep going while our music can be stolen so easily! And that rock guitar instrumentals at one point had life on this planet…..and now it might as well be from Mars! But I liked spelling it “Marz”! At least it’s supposed to be spelled that way…..I’ll have to go back and look! Either way……that’s the meaning behind it!!

IMM: First song “Under The Wire” has the intro of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells used in The Exorcist movie to set the tone of the album?

CG: It’s supposed to serve as what is called an “Establishing Shot” in the movie industry. Also inspired by how Ritchie Blackmore took the melody of the Big Band song “Fascinating Rhythm” and turned it into the main riff for the song “Burn”! But for this album……that 5 seconds is to be used as the “establishing shot”…..where you can take the listeners into a darker place from the past….and little by little the audio metamorphoses into something completely different….and it get’s them out of their world…and into mine!

IMM: Who decided that first single and video to be “Under The Wire”? It is not often to see you guys in a typical office setting so that was humorous.

CG: Well…..the first single was actually “You Can’t Take Me Down”…..but the 1st video release was “Under the Wire”! That was decided by Serafino and myself! Serafino played a huge part in the making and development of this band….and made a lot of very important and clever decisions! Make no mistake about that!! The office setting was supposed to be humorous! Jamie Brown, the videographer/Director booked a film studio that had several sets that looked rather authentic! He picked up on the phrase “I’m tired of taking every moment payin’ dues….” so….that scene was us paying our dues!! Rudy Sarzo is the only guy that can make working at a copy machine look cool!!!

IMM: How many days or hours did it take to shoot the video?

CG: One day for 2 videos and 4 mini EPK’s!

IMM: Who did the artwork and the idea for the cover?  Will there be vinyl and cassettes? That is starting to be the “new -old” thing or bring back another analog format the cassette tape.  The music companies are doing to release limited pressings on tape for us in that analog to digital generation and introduce the current and new generation onward to that format.

 CG: Stan W Decker did the artwork! He and I work very well together! Make no mistake……he deserves ALL the accolades…..but we did discuss the cover together! But it’s his genius that brought it to life…….just like the Resurrection Kings album!! There will be Vinyl…..and that link if it’s not already out other than in the comment section of the videos on Youtube…..will be made available on Sept 14th for sure! It’s going to be a double LP!!!

IMM:  The song “It Is What It Is” basically our attitude and mood on subjects.

CG: Well…’s one of the very first things that has to go into a song that you want the whole world to identify with…..and that is…..a universally understood topic! You don’t have to be rich, poor, nice, mean, any certain race…etc… in order to understand it! I often look for statements that are used often enough around the world that no one has caught onto yet and try and beat the rest of the songwriter’s to it……cause you can’t copyright a title!! But if you’re the first guy to use it……that can go a very long way!!  How many times have we all said to ourselves when things weren’t going just right….or according to pan….”Well….it is what it is!”

IMM:  On “Weird World” it opens with some sound bites based on opinions?

CG: No……just one weird thing or news story…..then another weird thing, then another on top of that one, and so on and so on until it’s just a huge mess…..then suddenly down to a single phrase that will capsulate the state of the world at that time! Then the band kicks in!!

IMM: As for the Disciples what is happening the with Ronnie hologram? Will it be used for all shows regardless of venue and stage size?

CG: I am no longer making comments on the hologram! No matter what I say… gets picked up on and set out of context and I become the target for which darts dipped in hatred to be thrown!!

IMM: So have there been inquires to have this band to perform across North America, different countries, Ride for Ronnie Stand Up And Shout Against Cancer events and music cruises such as the Monsters of Rock Cruise?

CG: There have been some inquiries…..yes! But I can’t comment on that until it’s been confirmed! Sorry my friend! The state of the world is such, that even simple questions like this…..come back to kick me in the ass!!

 IMM:  Thanks for your time again on answering the questions and plans for another album with these guys?

CG: I for one definitely have plans for another album……hopefully with these same guys!  But definitely with Diego!!

Track Listing: for Until Death Do We Meet Again.

  1. Under The Wire
  2. You Can’t Take Me Down
  3. Game Of Shadows
  4. It Is What It Is
  5. Playin’ With Fire
  6. Light Of The Dark
  7. Midnight Song
  8. Until Death Do We Meet Again
  9. Washed Upon The Shore
  10. In A World So Cold
  11. Weird World
  12. One Step Beyond The Grave

**Bonus track on Japan release

  1. Insufficient Therapy On Marz
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