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Lindsey Stirling and Evanescence, backed by a full orchestra, brought their considerable musical talents and unstoppable energy to a packed house at Daily’s Place Amphitheater Monday night.

Evanescence opened the evening with Amy Lee playing Overture on the piano backed by a full orchestra, the first time they have toured with an entire orchestra.  Amy Lee’s amazing voice filled the arena with the rock/metal songs that Evanescence made popular over the years such as Bring Me to Life and My Immortal, which the audience rewarded with a standing ovation.  New orchestral releases such as Hi-Lo, joined by Lindsey Stirling, and End of the Dream was received with much applause by the fans.  Video screens backing the performance helped to tell the story of the songs while Amy Lee sparkled both at the microphone and the piano.

Lindsey Stirling is a truly unique musician/dancer/performer.  She combines original violin songs while dancing in costume and backed by videos of her own design.  Her violin music runs the gamut of all genres from Broadway, contemporary, classical, country and even rap.  During her 15 song set, she was in continuous movement except for quick (less than two minutes) costume changes.  Lindsey opened her set with her original Arena, an Argentine tango, and immediately traversed into Moon Trance, performed with her dancing troupe, of a battle against skeletons in a graveyard.  Lindsey shared a video of her at age 15 with her friends lip-syncing Evanescence, who Lindsey said is her idol, before performing Take Flight, a song about reaching impossible goals.    Roundtable Rival was a country square dance duel which the audience thoroughly enjoyed.  First Light is an original composition about Lindsey’s battle with depression and anorexia during her early adult life and her choice to focus on the positive after treatment and therapy.  Amy Lee joined Lindsey on stage for No More Tears/Alive resulting in thunderous applause.  After leaving the stage, Lindsey returned for an encore performance of a medley from Phantom of the Opera.

If you have the opportunity to see Evanescence/Lindsey Stirling, do not hesitate.  Both are consummate musician/performers.  If they are not coming to a venue near you, go check them out on YouTube, Evanescence Channel, and Lindsey Stomp.


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