Smile Through It All and Remember That Life is amazing. You Can Tell That Jason Mraz lives By That Motto – “Good Vibe Tour” Review.

Smile Through It All and Remember That Life is amazing. You Can Tell That Jason Mraz lives By That Motto – “Good Vibe Tour” Review.

I am going to give you a series of words.

Colorful, mechanic uniforms, musical, comedic, soulful, mass talent, camel tones, a voice of a lifetime, and Molly.

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If that was the only words anyone told you with no explanation, what would you think I was talking about? I can’t imagine the guesses that people would be thinking in their heads right now, but my answer is that was the concert tonight of Jason Mraz.

Don’t worry, I will explain it all to you.

The stage is set…’s the “Good Vibes Tour” here at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida. The colorful banner sits behind every instrument you can see in a music class. The crowd is awaiting the pleasantries of the opening act, Brett Dennen. But before Brett comes out, you see the infamous Fedora on the top of Jason Mraz as he struts out in the best shirt known around these parts of town…..The Jacksonville Jaguars jersey. Strapped around his waist is a belt that’s sole purpose is to properly hold two beer cans for you, does he fit in, in Duval or what? As he cracks one open, the crowd laughs and picks up their own drinks and all know this is going to be one hell of a night. I secretly wish I would have heard him say “Myles Jack wasn’t down” but hey, I will settle for his great music instead.

I want to give you advice on life before I start this article. It is this…..If you are having a bad day, or just going through one of those funks in your life, find out where you can get to on Jason Mraz’s tour, buy a ticket, go to the show, and know for the next 90 minutes, you will have a smile on your face and you will forget whatever it is in your life that is keeping you down. In the simplest version, this man puts on a show that leaves you feeling oh so good! And to quote what he says during the show, “Music makes you feel less alone”.

He and his band come equipped looking like a rainbow set in the fashion form of mechanic onesies. Each one a different color, and each one fitting perfectly and happily. He starts belting out all his great songs, and the crowd begins to really get going as he begins to see his popular song, “Remedy”.  His back up singers, who at one point he refers to as his “Camel Tones”, each as talented as you can imagine add to a night where you know you’re at a concert, because you hear the most soulful voice when Mraz sings, but you sometimes think you might just be at a musical on Broadway instead. Between the feels of dances and songs and each moment perfectly rehearsed and played out, you can tell that Jason’s time on the hit musical, “Waitress” really played a huge role in the inspiration of this Good Vibes Tour. Is anyone else thinking give this guy a Tony???? His stage performance is one that is quite deserving of that award. I honestly didn’t know this guy was going to have such an incredible stage performance or be this funny.

Now here comes the big test…..Jason cues in the moment with the music and you can tell what song is coming…it’s the song that would hand down be the most recognizable, “I’m yours”. I have to admit, I was not sure he should do this song. I am a HUGE fan of Colbie Caillat. But he decides to go for it anyhow. And that is the moment when you’re made aware of all the talent this man is capable of seeing and putting on his stage for you. His backup singers do that song the sweetest justice and I am in love all over again. Can I call them the Mraz 5?

In between songs, the man has the crowd engaged, joining in on singing to him, and getting us to learn harmonies by splitting the right and left crowd apart and creating sweet, sweet sounds. But the best part of the night for me was one of two moments….One, where he gives the moment to the legend herself, Mrs. Aretha Franklin and we (yes, we…….he loves the crowd being a part of his music) sings “I Say a Little Prayer for You”. And the other, where his guitar player Molly rips it on stage. Molly, wherever you are…I am a fan of you girl!

So, now that you have a small glimpse into what his concert will be like, I will say it again, buy the ticket, buy the new album, “Know”. Relish in this voice of a lifetime, and just SMILE. Smile through it all and remember that life is amazing. You can tell that Jason Mraz lives by that motto.

Photo and review by Cindy Marshall

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