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Beyond The Black release their 3rd album Heart Of The Hurricane to be released on August 31. The German group is poised to let world feel their power of their music this year and beyond.

377279Fronted by vocalist Jennifer Haben with new band mates: Stefan Herkenhoff (Bass), Chris Hermsdörfer (Guitar and backing vocals), Lodes (Guitar and backing),Jonas Rosner (Keyboards and backing vocals) and Kai Tschierschky (Drums).

She talks about some of the new songs and shows planned for 2018 and 2019.

IMM: Hi Jennifer, for this album there new members and all the songs are new?

Jennifer: There was one tour edition with four new songs with the new lineup but wasn’t a fixed lineup when recording them but with new album the lineup is fix. They wrote a lot of song ideas for and worked really well.

IMM: On this album there are fifteen songs?

Jennifer: Yes, thirteen songs plus two bonus tracks.

IMM: Are the songs all new and not from previous sessions like when working the first and second album?

Jennifer: Not really! We had some songs before. We had like “Heart Of The Hurricane” at the beginning of Beyond The Black and never put it on one of the albums because I think the time wasn’t right at the time. And then for this album it had to be “Heart Of The Hurricane” because of the band history and then we have “Freedom” which the hardest song on the album. I think I wrote that one and “Breeze” for the tour edition as well but we decided to keep them for the next regular album for a single that was important so we decided to put them on the next album.

IMM: The first single “Heart Of The Hurricane” to be released was decided by you or a collaboration by the band and label?

Jennifer: It was more a collaboration because we’re a band and not just me (laughter) so we decide everything together and everyone like that song. I wrote that during 2014 with two other guys and the band heard it and said okay! That is a very great song and is different than the others and would love to have it as a single.


IMM: On the song “My God Is Dead” about soul searching, or inspiration through difficult times?

Jennifer:  Is for people who don’t understand what is happening around them and they believe in something and didn’t work like they wanted too. They don’t believe in what they believed before and I think it is also what is present in this world at this moment. I don’t know if it is just at Germany but there are many people who don’t understand what is happening in the world and could be a song for all of them.

IMM: The first song on the album “Hysteria” starts off the album good. Is about not able to control emotions?

Jennifer: Is like you’re in a cage or you were in a cage and you love that cage as well at a time and you hear the lies and you know everything is bad. You blame yourself for not fighting.

IMM: The other two songs that title and the new single on what they are about?

Jennifer: “Heart Of The Hurricane” is something you have to face, you have to face something bad. You decide to do it and get that adrenaline and can feel the thunder and everything that is what the song is about that you have to face something bad at that moment.

And “A Million Light Years” is an interesting one because you can put so many different situations into that song. If you lost somebody you love, is it yourself, or something else. In the video we decided to get this losing yourself and at the end of the video you see I am facing myself and found myself again and also playing with the mirror, that other side is talking to me saying I can’t see what happen to you and I don’t want to be like that. That is what the song is about.

IMM: Describe the album cover?

Jennifer: Okay (laughter). I think the first thing that was important for us it had to be a strong emotion, strong eyes that you can see we really wanted to go further to get the world. And around me there are huge massive things not small things which is important for us that it has power.

IMM: This album has power. Other songs that stand out are “Beneath A Blacken Sky” and “Echoes From A Past” what those songs are about.

Jennifer: “Beneath A Blacken Sky” is from our bassist Stefan who also wrote the lyrics and I know it is about having situation you don’t come out like suicide you think about and you play a lot with words like heroes, kings and everything. That the medieval is huge thing in this song and that we are big fans of Game Of Thrones so maybe some songs are like that (laughter).

IMM: There are shows lined up before the end of the year?  

Jennifer: We have some album release shows in Germany. I think four shows and also plan to have a huge support tour but is not a hundred percent so I can’t tell you about it but were like ninety nine percent (laughter).  We have Full Metal Holiday at Spain. We have full Metal Cruise again and a festival and we plan to have big European tour beginning in 2019 and we hope to go further and out of Europe as well.

IMM: Are there talks for the band to perform at North America, South America and parts of Asia?

Jennifer: We would love to do that of course but we don’t have plans for now.

IMM: So for 2019 is to be a direct support for a major band for parts of Europe?

Jennifer: For 2019 we do a headlining tour but the support tour will be this year if it works and 2019 will be the headlining tour for Europe and hopefully we will go out of Europe as well as headliner. Maybe, let’s see and how many people are buying our CD in your country (laughter).

IMM: Thanks for your time and success for this album and tour.

Jennifer: Thanks so much.


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