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Wilson show their love for retro gaming with the release of their new music video for the track “Dumptruck”. This is the second song the band has released behind the debut single “Like a Baller” from their infectious upcoming album Tasty Nasty. The album is scheduled for release on August 24th via RED MUSIC. To pre-order Tasty Nasty, click here:

The video, conceptualized by vocalist Chad Nicefield and brought to life by Ronny Tibbs & Anthony Maiuri, puts the wacky and unadulterated Wilson spin on classic racing games such as Rad RacerF-Zero andGrand Prix II. Viewers are taken for a ride on the proverbial “dumptruck”, as it deftly avoids obstacles like wet t-shirts, packs of lions, swords, and beer bottles. The truck enters a bonus “fuckery mode” when it runs over a tab of LSD as it races towards the castle to win the title of “Master Of Ceremony.” The song itself is an infectious, rollicking jam showcasing Wilson’s madcap sense of humor and as they so eloquently state in the song, “this sh*t bumps”. Watch the video, which premiered on, here:

Wilson are currently on the road with Theory of a Deadman in support of the upcoming album release. They will also be taking part in the Rock USA and Loudwire Live festivals this summer. Known for their raucous live performances, the band recently performed at Rock On The Range displaying a stage show that captivated the capacity crowd and was a taste of what people can expect from Wilson live.

Wilson formed in 2010 when the members came together in Detroit, MI. After two previous full-length releases Full Blast Fuckery in 2013 and Right To Rise in 2015, the band is back in 2018 with an all new album, record label, outlook on their career and musical direction combining their unique brand of in-your-face rock n roll with the influence of Hip-Hop and all things 90s. Wilson is Chad Nicefield (vocals), Jason Spencer (guitars), Kyle Landry (guitars), James Lascu (bass) and Matt Puhy (drums). This isn’t your parents’ music. This is Tasty Nasty!

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