Album Review- Orange Goblin, “The Wolf Bites Back”

427343In a world gone mad, there are few certainties to cling to. But one thing remains forever unwavering and true: Orange fucking Goblin. Diehard exponents of the noble art of heavy metal since 1995, the London-based quartet have spent the last two decades steadily but surely establishing themselves as one of the UK’s most loved and respected bands.

“Sometimes you just have to make a statement and I believe that this album is that statement,” avows frontman Ben Ward. ““We just wanted a title that represents the feelings we tried to get across with the material on the album and it seemed to fit perfectly. It’s vicious, it’s dangerous, it’s wild and it’s unashamedly heavy metal and hard rocking! A lot of bands seem to be ashamed to say that these days, there are too many hipsters and posers that are afraid of the heavy metal tag yet like to revel in the imagery. Fuck that, people should be proud to be heavy metal!”

Orange Goblin has never been more in demand. As a result, the arrival of their ninth studio album, The Wolf Bites Back, is a very big deal. After a four-year wait, fans are about to feel the full power of a band at the peak of their powers and with the wind in their sails.

It will be impossible to avoid a sudden rush of heavy metal pride when album opener Sons Of Salem rips into gear: a turbocharged upgrade for the Orange Goblin formula. The fire-breathing groove of the title track and Renegade’s balls-out rampage to the psychedelic fog of Ghosts Of The Primitives and Suicide Division’s two minutes of snot-spraying Bathory-ized hardcore, The Wolf Bites Back will scratch every conceivable heavy metal itch while simultaneously making most sensible people want to run through a brick wall.

“This is the sound of a band that has been together for over 20 years. It’s the sound of a band that doesn’t give a fuck about modern-day trends and what the ‘cool’ kids are listening to. It’s the sound of Orange Goblin digging really deep into our well of inspiration.”

The Wolf Bites Back is also an album of pitch-black horrors and warped nightmares. At the heart of the album, however, lies a sincere and heartfelt frustration at the state of the world and humanity’s resistance to getting our collective shit together. Orange Goblin continues to give us fresh reasons to live. The Wolf Bites Back is a flat-out triumph for a band that refuses to deviate from their stated mission of bringing joyous, blood ’n’ thunder metal to the masses. With fistfuls of killer new songs and momentum propelling them onward and upward, the future is looking bright and busier than ever.


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