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Live Review- Tedeschi Truck Band Bring The Home Town Crowd to Their Feet on Wheels Of Soul Tour!!

untitled shoot-6780Kicking off the “Wheels of Soul” Summer tour in their hometown, Tedeschi Trucks Band lights up the sky and the crowd at Daily’s Place Amphitheater in Jacksonville Florida. Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi brought a few friends to help kick off the party, Drive-By Truckers and The Marcus King Band, for their second show at Daily’s Amphitheater, after breaking it the new place for the inaugural show just last year.

This night was all about Tedeschi Truck Band, with Derek and Susan taking center stage as always. These two are at the top of their game and just get better as they tour more and more. The band took the stage and started off the show with “Laugh About it“, that got the crowd on their feet and the blood flowing. Susan masterfully wove her vocals around the band and Derek amazing solos. They followed up with some old songs and a new song, one of which was “Shame“, and sounded incredible which is a really down and dirty song! The 90 plus minute set was magical, to say the least, that blasted the Jacksonville air with Blues and Rock that just goes on forever. Everone in the packed amphitheater was up and singing all the way to the encore of “Midnight in Harlem” and a rousing cover of Joe Tex’s “Show Me.” I have seen them a few times now, and I get hooked more and more every time I hear them.

The Wheels of Soul Tour is off the to a great start and I’m sure will just get better- just like a fine wine.

Breaking in the early crowd was The Marcus King Band. This guy can freaking play, WoW!. He got the crowd up and jamming to some serious Psychedelic Southern Rock Blues/jam/rock/funk! His playing really got to the people and had them up and swaying the hips getting down to his great song.

Drive-By Truckers was up next on the menu and hit the stage like a runaway truck!… These guys really know how to excite a crowd, and that is just what they did!. These Southern rockers have a penchant for tradition, recording their studio albums in analog and insisting on releasing their records on vinyl. The band’s traditional approach extends to their beloved live concerts, where craft and musicianship take center stage and marathon sets are the norm. New album American Band available now!



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