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Sweden’s high octane energy female band Thundermother released their 3rd self-titled album influence of the 70’s and 80’s hard rock sound. The album was released on February 23, 2018.

523484Guitarist and founder Filippa Nässil talks about the new album with new bandmates Guernica Mancini (Lead vocals), Sara Pettersson (Bass) and Emlee Johansson (Drums).

IMM: Hi Filippa, last year three members left leaving you to re-focus. Did you know the new members from other bands or place an ad for new members?

FN: Hello Craig! I didn’t put out any ads and I didn’t spread the word. I asked my bass player from my blues band Hifly Sara if she wanted to join and she was excited about it. The singer Guernica emailed me on Facebook by coincidence because her band just had a pause and she wrote that if I ever needed a singer she would be up for it. I emailed her straight away that my singer left and I would love to have an audition. I knew her band from before and she kicks ass.

IMM: This record is a body hitting or high energy sound with a ballad which is nice. It has the constant sound of 70’s 80’s hard rock and metal and compared to the female bands as Girlschool and Rock Goddess. Fifteen songs were written for this album yet only thirteen songs put on it. Are the two going to be released as B sides or released for another album? And recorded the songs in ten days?

FN: We chose the best 13 tracks and will re-record the other two maybe for the next album or save them for the future. We needed to cut some songs because it’s already a very long album. We recorded them live in the studio together and we had a lot of fun doing it, and can’t wait to do the next one.

IMM: “Fire in the Rain” is a nice song that says the group is flexible to the band’s sound and influences. That can be other music arraignments for other future?

FP: It will definitely. We are doing what is fun and what makes us develop as musicians. We don’t wanna settle for anything. We wanna blow your mind with every release, with new songs with more musical influences but still keeping the sound of Thundermother.

IMM: When to start recording this record did the band want the drums to be to a higher volume when Emlee hit the bass drum?

FP: We wanted to SHOW how hard she plays the drum in the studio because a good drum sound can be hard to get. She plays harder than any other drummer I’ve played with.


IMM: The other songs on the album such as “Rip Your Heart Out” seem to be influence from Deep Purple? It can be interpreted as a phrase on angry emotions including battles with others?


 FP: No poetry is ever written in a happy state haha. We love that song and we love Deep Purple. Everybody has been hurt at some point in their lives and this is just a song about that, nothing more.

IMM: And “Hanging At My Door,” a little pop sound and a nice twist. And is good leave the comfort zone while still have your sound. Were you all nervous how others would comment on that?

FP: Yeah, we love that song and we can’t be worried what other people think. If I cared about that I would have been depressed long time ago haha! We do what we want, period.

IMM: “Fight For Rock” is anthem song that many bands have like, for example, KISS “Rock And Roll Nite”?

FP: Yeah! Thanks. I love kiss. I just played “Strutter” and “Rock And Roll Nite” at Sweden Rock Festival in the All Star Band there. We are very happy about this tune.

IMM: This is the third album and not having a title. So why not have a title for it?

FP: It’s hard to come up with and a title doesn’t matter much in the end. We just wanted to show that Thundermother 2.0 is here and we’re here to stay so we did a self titled one.

IMM: Who produced this album?

FP: Thomas Plec Johansson, with some guidance from us ha ha.

IMM: Which bands and guitarist influence you?

FP: AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, The Hellacopters, The Who, Janis Joplin, Foo Fighters, The New Roses, Blackberry Smoke and hundreds of others.. I just love music and listens to it all the time 80 % of my day.

IMM: Which bands you would like to perform with?

FP: We would love to tour with The New Roses from Germany and we’re hoping that it will happen next year. But we wouldn’t say no to open up for Iron Maiden or AC/DC haha..

IMM: What are plans for this year for performing across Europe and plans for North America and other countries this year or maybe next year?

FP: Plans are in the making!

IMM: Keep the sound alive.

FP: Thanks mate, keep rocking’ and kicking balls!

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