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Concert Review- Royal Blood and Turbowolf bring the heat to Orlando!!


It was hotter than two hells out front of The Plaza Live in Orlando Florida this past Saturday and fans were lining up early to get a rail spot for one of the most anticipated shows of the summer! Royal Blood has been making a huge name for a duo that makes a shit load of noise for a duo, and people are flocking to their shows to see what it is all about, and Ignite Music Magazine had to see for themselves what all the buzz what about…The added bonus is was seeing a fun group called Turbowolf!

The stage was set and the sold-out crowd at the Plaza was buzzing with excitement as they knew the show was about the set the night on fire. The lights dimmed… The crowds’ energy and cheering raise the decibels to ear shattering. Michael Kerr broken foot and all hobbles out on stage and the second half of the amazing duo Ben Thatcher set his sight on the drums and saddles up for their first ever show in Florida… And what a show it was!!

Mike and Ben didn’t hold back for the entire show, the UK duo hit the crowd with the buzz they wanted to hear and more with “How Did We Get So Dark“(out now: ) and blasting through song after song that got the crowd hyped up and screaming for more. One of the standouts out of the night was a song called “Lights Out” and you can see that the guys were really starting to hit their stride and really getting into the show as mike was moving around the stage a little more and giving back as much energy as the fans were giving him. As you sit there in amazement at a show with just two guys playing and creating a huge sound that sounds like a four or five piece band while lifting our jaw off the ground, you get the sense this band is going to be huge!

The show was rounded out with favorites like ” I Only Lie When Love You” and “Figure It Out” and ended it strong with a three-song encore of “Ten Tonne Skeleton“, “Loose Change” and ended the night like they started it with ” Out Of The Black ” just put the night in full circle with the band ending on a high note and the fans wanting even more.

I will say this, I am a new fan of Royal Blood, this band is to here stay for a long time. The guys are on a wave that is just picking up momentum and nothing in their way to slow them down. If you want to rock out and listen to two incredibly talented musician, you HAVE to go see Royal Blood. This is only the beginning for these two, it is only up from here, and sold out shows for many years.



Turbowolf, a rock band founded in Bristol, UK, whose members include Chris Georgiadis, Andy Ghosh, Lianna Lee Davies and Blake Davies opened up the show and pumped up the crowd and really got the energy going. The band is really fun on stage and knows how to get the crowd involved. The band did a great job, this is the second time seeing them and they are really close to breaking it wide up, and opening for Royal Blood is just what they need to get their music out the masses and get a bigger fan base, and once they do that that everything will fall into place and soon be headlining show just like their buds Royal Blood. So make you go early and check them out.


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