Live Review- JOHN FOGERTY “BLUES AND BAYOUS TOUR” W/ ZZ Top @ St. Augustine Amphitheater 6/5

JohnFogerty_ZZTop_Clean1 (1)When you go to see John Fogerty in concert in the present time, one thing will prove to be true….that age is just a number. This is one artist who at the young age of 73 years old still has the power to bring the crowd to all standing and jamming along to some classics with him and his stellar band. Whether he is talking about one of his favorite guitars he lost in 1973 and found again so many years later and jams a session with it, or telling you sweet stories about his little girl just heading to her first prom, you feel you know him and the familiarity of his music has his way of bringing you back to the days where life was more simpler.


What might come as a pleasant surprise, is the moment he pulls his sons Tyler and Shane onstage to do a few songs…..They are trying to pave their own way in music with their band “Hearty Har” Tyler sings lead with his dad and brother on stage to the tune of “Good Golly Ms. Molly” and let me tell you that his voice might just blow you away. You feel like you might be in the graces of the next Steven Tyler as he can belt out those same pitches and might also have a feeling like you’re watching Pink Floyd.

I should state that the guest I brought to the concert with me, was my father. He grew up loving Fogerty’s music so it seemed the perfect person to bring along with me. What had to be the most special moment of the night is when Fogerty brought up that he served in Vietnam. Coming from a military family, and sitting next to my dad who fought over there, this all just hit home. As John proclaims “we treat our soldiers like crap after they come home” the crowd erupts into a huge applause. He sings a special song that he teamed up with country superstar, Brad Paisley on Called “Love and War”. As the chorus plays and the images of big screen show behind him some Veterans, you hear the line “They send you off to die for us… Forget about you when you don’t”.

At that moment, I was thankful for having sunglasses on because I was fighting back tears in honor of my dad and so many women that he was singing about.

To end the night, he takes you to NOLA and you feel like you are right there on the Bayou. With all the horns you need and equipped with a drum major, they come marching through the crowd. If you get the chance to attend this show, I strongly encourage you to go. He will not disappoint. Thank you, John Fogerty, for allowing me to spend an evening with my father, and seeing the smile on his face and reminding him just what he fought for so many years ago…to be sitting next to his daughter and listening to your amazing voice

DSC_0511When you think of ZZ Top, the first thing you think of is this band is about to celebrate 50 years of playing music together. 50 years! That is just so epic! But the best part of that 50 years is knowing they remained true to who they are from day one. Not many people can do that. Artists feel they have to constantly reinvent themselves to stay up with the trends and not seem boring. But not these pure ZZ Top tradition they are dressed head to toe in black with their iconic sunglasses, hats, and of course long beards.

As they open the show to “Under Pressure” you know you are in a for a good ride. As my dad, a huge fan tells the stories as he first saw them in a dive bar when they were unknown playing for tips. As they play an old song my dad listened to as a child by Tennessee Ernie Ford called “Sold my soul to the company store” I look over and my dad is just full jamming out next to me. I start to think, I haven’t seen him smile like this in a while and what a great feeling that is.

They continue on with the show, moving in that perfect sync that no two people can do the way ZZ Top can….Whether they are singing “She wore a pearl necklace” or the just ever so iconic “She’s got Legs’ or my very personal fave “Tush” you just watch in awe of a band that might go down as one of the greats.

As they end their night by coming back out in rhinestones on black jackets and those classic white fuzzy guitars you realize they younger generation can learn a thing or two by watching this band live. That you can be who you are, for your whole life, and be so comfortable with just that, that you never have to conform to anyone’s standards but yours. That you don’t need to follow the latest trends to stay the cool person in the room, and that loving and following your passions even 50 years later, can make for a life that is filled with nothing short of magic. Keep rocking ZZ Top!!


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  1. i was at that concert,it was awesome,i was disapoined, that John and Billy didn’t jam together.Hope they come back next year!

  2. Um — think the song “Sold My Soul to the Company Store” is more commonly known as “Sixteen Tons.” A little basic research would be welcome, young reviewer…

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