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The B52s rock out Portland Maine at Aura with there New Wave sound!

The B52s rock out Portland Maine at Aura with there New Wave sound and hits that made them famous. To a standing room sold out crowd.
Lead by FRED SCHNEIDER ( lead vocals ) as he starts off with ” Cosmic Thing ‘ to get the over 40 crowd geared up for a night of great music. It only takes the first song to get them started as they sing to every note and dance anywhere they can find room.
Backed by KATE PIERSON ( Vocals & Keyboards ) with her silk dress and her trademark red hair and CINDY WILSON (vocals ) with her Beehive hairdo and fur coat. The B52s belted out song after song while dancing and grooving to each song like there was no tomorrow. With the crowd joining in as if they were part of the band. As they sing along to songs like “PRIVATE IDAHO” and  “LOVE SHAKE ” With the fantastic voices of the B52s and the great sound this is a great rock show.No one has stopped dancing or singing since the first song.
As the final song is played “ROCK LOBSTER ” the band gives it everything its got for the fans. Even the fans give what energy they have left to show the band that they can still rock out with them. This proves your never to old to ROCK OUT with your favorite band.
Song list.
1. Cosmic Thing
2. Mesopotamia
3 .Lava
4. Fanplex
5. Private Idaho
6. Summer Of love
7. 52 Girls
8. Roam
9. Party Out Of Bounds
10. Wig
11. Dance The Mess around
12. Love Shack
13.Planet Claire
14. 6060-842
15. Rock Lobster
About Bryan Joe Corder (2865 Articles)
Concert Photographer at heart, Love listening to music and going to shows to try to capture the magic on the stage with my imagery.I also review albums and live concerts.

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