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Live Review – In This Moment- Halestorm- New Years Day- Stitched Up Heart…They Certainly Proved that it Really is “A Bad Girl’s World!”

If you’re looking for a little mayhem caused by a few incredible female-fronted rock bands this summer then the Halestorm & In This Moment tour is for you! I got to witness the badassery in person at the Tsongas Center at UMASS Lowell in the great state of Massachusetts when Stitched Up Heart, New Years Day, In This Moment, and Halestorm took the stage on a warm Friday night. 


Opening act Stitched Up Heart got the crowd pumped with some of their hit tunes such as “Monster” and “City of Angels.” Lead singer Mixi even did a little crowd surfing at one point and really kept the audience on their toes! Up next was New Years Day, a hard rock band from Anaheim, California lead by fiery-haired singer Ashley Costello. They had a great stage presence and really played off the excited crowd vibe as they rocked some of their hits like “Defame Me” and “I’m About to Break You” which were both singles from their hit 2015 album “Malevolence.” I’ll be looking forward to more from them as they hit the studio in the fall to start recording again!


After hearing so many great things about In This Moment I was thrilled to see their set live for the first time and wow they did not disappoint. Their entire set was almost theatrical in a sense that there were props, costume changes, and different themes for each and every song along with amazing graphics behind them projected onto the stage. This totally all fell into line with the theme of their 2017 release of “Ritual.”


Lead singer Maria Brink has an incredible voice and absolutely nailed it when they covered Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” with her smooth voice. One of the highlights of the night was Ashley Costello from New Years Day joining the band on stage to sing “Black Wedding” a darker version of “White Wedding” which is featured on “Ritual.” I walked away from their set impressed by the entire band and all of the thought and creativity they had to have put into creating such an awesome show. 

Last, but certainly not least, was Grammy Award-winning band Halestorm who is by far my favorite female fronted rock band of all time. They have been able to put out hit after hit off every album they have released. Just checking their YouTube account I see that “I Miss the Misery” (my favorite song by them) has over 53 MILLION views. That is just incredible! 


I had actually seen Halestorm live a couple years ago when they toured with Shinedown, but this setting with a full set list was so much better. All members of the band sounded amazing, from lead singer Lzzy Hale to drummer Arejay Hale (yes, they are brother and sister.) The crowd was entranced the entire set from the moment they broke out with “Black Vultures” to covering Adele’s hit song “Someone Like to You” to closing with “I Miss the Misery.”


While the May tour is officially over, don’t fret! New Years Day, In This Moment, and Halestorm will be hitting the road together again for another month-long tour on July 27th starting in Kansas City! Don’t miss this tour! They certainly proved that it really is “A Bad Girl’s World!”

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