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Live Review- Celtic Woman Homecoming tour packs the Riverside Fox Performing Arts Center.

Performing for 13 years non-stop and performing about 11 months of the year, Celtic Woman brings wee bits of Ireland with traditional and modern songs. The group featuring the current voices that are Susan McFadden, Mairéad Carlin, Éabha McMahon with their own voice and Tara McNeill on violin and harp.

The group performed on May 17, 2018, at the historic California Theater to an enthusiastic audience of all ages for 2 hours of 21 songs with various images of Ireland shown on the curtain including the Irish tricolor flag with the U.S. flag.

Some of the standard songs with different arrangements such as “Mo Ghile Mear” (My Gallant Star), “Danny Boy” with 3 part harmony with Tara on the harp. “For The Love of The Princess” from the movie Braveheart performed by Tara on violin.  One of the favorite songs is “Amazing Grace” with Anthony Byrne on Bagpipes which the audiences appreciate and who gets an ovation.  Mairéad sings the songs “Dulman” with her smooth yet powerful soprano vocals on “Nella Fanstasia”.

New for this year’s tour included new songs: “Homeland” as the first song starting the show. Other new songs are “Ballroom Of Romance”, “Long Journey Home”, “Wild Mountainside” and Bette Midler’s “From A Distance” sung by Susan which has given it a new life.

The band for this tour is Ray Fean (original member)- Percussion, Catriona Frost-Percussion, Tommy Buckley-Guitar, Darragh Murphy-Bagpipes, Uilleann pipes and whistle, Brian Hughes-Piano, keyboards with 3 male choir/dancers.

Three songs featuring the band, choir/dancers and the ladies to get the audience involved are the “Kesh Inn” Sean-Nos (Old style) of “Sahd Ni B” and Floorplay” giving a taste of what you experience at some of Ireland pubs of performing trad music (traditional).

The show ends with “The Parting Glass” with the audience giving two standing ovations wanting more.

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